ResoNix EZ V-M150 Interface – 2018+ Volvo OEM Pre-Amp Audio Interface


Our ResoNix EZ V-M150 Interface seamlessly converts the MOST150 signal that is used in 2018+ Volvo sound systems into a usable digital output. No more having to deal with the unpredictability of doing high-level post-OEM-amplifier integration!

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ResoNix EZ V-M150 Interface

2018+ Volvo Amplifier Audio Interface

In the world of modern car audio, integrating into the OEM sound system is one of the most prominent challenges that we face in nearly any installation. Our ResoNix EZ V-M150 seamlessly converts the MOST150 signal that is used in 2018+ Volvo sound systems, into a usable digital output. It features an S/PDIF toslink output AND coaxial output to allow you to have a clean digital signal that features none of the OEM processing for an easy, straightforward, and clean sounding car audio system design and installation. This is much preferred over having to do high-level signal integration, which will have you battling distortion, bass roll-off, equalization, crossovers, all pass filters, upmixers, limiters, variable volume equalization, and more.

The ResoNix EZ Interfaces retain all OEM features, including backup sensors, door chimes, navigation prompts, Bluetooth calls, and more, unless specific otherwise. Please note that SOS systems are usually separate from the audio system and are left alone.


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Works with any 2018+ Volvo that is equipt with the a MOST150 Fiber Optic system from the factory head unit to factory amplifier. If you need help determining if this is right for your vehicle, feel free to reach out any time.

Please note, this does NOT have RCA outputs. It only features S/PDIF digital output via toslink and coaxial, and must be used with a Digital Signal Processor that features a digital input.