In the past year, we have grown more than we could have possibly imagined. Over this past year, we have noticed there are many common questions that we get. We aim to make all of our product pages and informative articles are detailed and easy to follow as possible, but some things are missed along the way sometimes, and other bits of info have no real home to live on our website. If you made it here and your questions still aren’t covered here, you can always reach out via email or our Contact Form

       Please note, every product has every specification and detail available right on its product page, it may not be in the title, or the very first line, but nearly every question that we get can be answered by reading the product pages of said product you are inquiring about, what products to use and where can be found in the ResoNix Sound Deadening Material Buyers Guide, and materials application questions can almost always be answered in the ResoNix Sound Deadening Material Reference Information & Guide page. 

When will my order ship?

       Most orders ship within 24 hours of the order being placed, excluding weekends. If you haven’t gotten an update since placing your order after 48 hours, the product you ordered may be on backorder. Product stock information is always available on each product page. Some people do tend to miss this when ordering though. If a product is on backorder at the time of your order, it will be shipped to you the moment we have it back in stock.

Do I get tracking information with my order?

       Normally, yes! Our system automatically sends tracking information. If you do not receive tracking info, please let us know asap. Sometimes we need to update our system and we can always send you the tracking info manually. 

       The unfortunate truth is that sometimes we experience issues with our website and our shipping software communicating, so sometimes tracking will not be received. If you did not receive tracking and you would like it, just shoot us an email and I can send it over.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

       Yes, we do offer returns, but on ResoNix Sound Deadening Products only. If it is not a ResoNix sound deadening product, such as products from Helix, Accuton Automotive, Micro Precision, etc. we only offer store credit. The only thing we require for a return is that the product is not defiled in any way, and isn’t missing pieces. Meaning, if you order a box of 20 Mega CLD Squares, you must return the full box, or none of it will be returned. What we can do in some cases if something isn’t 100% is offer it for sale as b-stock to those in our ResoNix Customer Support Group on Facebook, but it will not be a traditional return. Just shoot us an email, fill out our contact form, or give us a call and we can help you out. 

Returns have specific instructions, so please reach out for help with your return.

Your CLD Rectangles come with more square feet of product, but costs less than some of your other CLD products. Why?

        This is one of those questions that can be answered by reading the descriptions of each product. The ResoNix CLD Rectangles are a thinner version of  CLD that we offer. It is meant to compete in a price bracket that is typical of more commonly known products, but with ResoNix quality Butyl and Aluminum. The ResoNix CLD Rectanges are 45-mil thick butyl with a 3-mil aluminum constraining layer, while the ResoNix CLD Squares have 100-mil thick butyl and a 4-mil thick aluminum constraining layer. The ResoNix Super Pro Mega Max CLD Squares have a 100-mil thick butyl layer and a 12-mil thick aluminum constraining layer. Personally, if you can swing the barrier to entry price tag, the ResoNix CLD Squares are a better price-to-performance value than our ResoNix CLD Rectangles, which is why we didn’t stock them for a few years. But some people don’t need the very best for some projects, so they are back by popular demand. 

       PS. Mil is not short for millimeter. Mil is a unit of measurement that is one-thousandth of an inch.

What products should I use and what method of installation should I use to treat my car doors, trunk, floor, etc?

        While every application is different, we do have a guide available showing you how WE treat our own and our in-person customer’s doors, and this is what we recommend for the very best performance. If you don’t need to go this far or you have a specific application, or if you just need clarification, feel free to reach out to us.

       Please note, we also have our Sound Deadening Materials Reference Information & Guide page which is FULL of information regarding automotive sound treatment. This article will answer pretty much any question you may have about treating a vehicle.

Should I use ResoNix Fiber Mat or ResoNix Barrier?

       First, BOTH can be used together, as they work differently and have different end results. you do not have to select one or the other. But, this isn’t an easy one to answer for everyone at once. Not because they are similar in performance, but because each customer’s situation is different. Different budgets, different vehicles, different levels and frequencies of noise, different sources of noise, different goals, and more. Not only that, but these two different products work differently and are effective for different reasons as well. I suggest reading our Reference Information & Guide page to become familiar with Sound Absorbers and Noise Barriers to understand the difference and figure out what is right for you. If you still need help, you can always reach out to us and we can guide you.

Should I use ResoNix Fiber Mat 0.5" or Fiber Mat 1"

        Well, that depends. As explained in our Reference Information & Guide page in the sound absorbers section, the thicker absorber of equal material will be better in performance, especially the lower in frequency you go. There isn’t a good chance I can tell you what to use in your situation as I have not worked on a majority of cars out there. Generalizing, I’d say about 40% of cars out there can fit Fiber Mat 1″ in the door panels, most can fit Fiber Mat 1″ in between the roof and headliner, most can fit Fiber Mat 1″ in the wheel liners, and most can only fit Fiber Mat 0.5″ under the carpet. The rest is going to be up to you to investigate the level of clearance you have in your own vehicle. 

When using ResoNix Guardian or ResoNix Lockout, and do I need to use a Constrained Layer Damper with them?

       Yes. ResoNix Guardian handles 3 things. Sound absorption, noise blocking, and thermal insulation, while it’s little brother, ResoNix Lockout handles sound absorption and thermal insulation. What it does not handle is resonance control. That is what CLD, such as ResoNix Squares is for. They should be used in conjunction as a sound treatment system.