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I’m Nick, the founder of ResoNix Sound Solutions. If you’re looking for the premier edge in sound deadening and high-end car audio equipment, you’ve landed exactly where you need to be. We cater to everyone from DIY enthusiasts to major industrial entities, including NASA.

What sets us apart? We don’t just push products. We push the envelope on quality, innovation, and performance. Our products are designed to blow your expectations out of the water, and we back it up with unbeatable support and expert knowledge to ensure you crush your audio projects.

Dive into our site, pick what you need, whether it be our products or just the resources that we provide, and gear up to experience end results like never before. Ready to get started? We’re here to make it happen.

Welcome to ResoNix.

– Nick Apicella

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All Things Sound Deadening, Explained & Broken Down

       Not only does ResoNix offer the very best automotive sound treatment and car audio products, but we also provide every bit of information that you need to know in order to understand how these products work, why they work, how to use them, purchasing suggestions, and comparisons to other offerings on the market. We make it our mission to stay true to arming everyone with every bit of knowledge reasonably possible so they can get the most out of their purchase and their installation efforts. 


The ResoNix Sound Deadening Materials Reference Information & Guide page educates you on everything you need to know all about automotive sound treatment products.


Explore the ResoNix Independent Testing Data page to discover detailed performance metrics that highlight the exceptional noise reduction capabilities of our CLD products compared to others.

Purchasing Help

Visit the ResoNix Sound Deadening Materials Buyers Guide for expert advice and comprehensive information on selecting the best sound deadening solutions for your specific needs.

Not Just Deadening

ResoNix: A Provider For All Things High-End Car Audio

ResoNix is the only authorized internet retailer for Audiotec Fischer’s Match, Helix, & Brax products in the US, and is also the North American Distributor for both Accuton Automotive, as well as Micro Precision.

Audiotec Fischer, the parent company of Match, Helix, and Brax is not only the leader in Digital Signal Processing, but offers a full suite of high-quality car audio products.

Accuton Automotive maintains a relentless pursuit of excellence in their product development and commits to creating only the highest performing speakers in the car audio industry.

Micro Precision is a well-established German manufacturer of top-of-the-line speakers and amplifiers, has earned a reputation for its commitment to audio quality.

Nick Explains

ResoNix Resources. How To Sound Deaden Car Doors.

       ResoNix Sound Solutions is thrilled to present Part 1 of our comprehensive three-part video guide on sound deadening car doors. This detailed video tutorial featuring a hands-on installation done by the ResoNix owner, Nick, is designed to empower both beginners and experienced car enthusiasts with the crucial techniques and insights required to enhance their vehicle’s audio environment and improve its overall noise levels. By meticulously demonstrating the step-by-step process, we ensure that viewers can follow along easily, gaining a thorough understanding of the materials and methods that lead to superior soundproofing.

       Our dedication to education goes beyond just providing the very best productsproducts; we aim to equip our community with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about automotive sound deadening. This video series exemplifies our commitment by delving into the nuances of sound dampening materials, application techniques, and the science behind noise reduction. Each segment of the video is crafted to clarify complex concepts, making the daunting task of DIY automotive soundproofing approachable and achievable for everyone.

       At ResoNix Sound Solutions, we pride ourselves on our dedication to the highest standards of customer education and satisfaction. We believe that an informed customer is an empowered customer. By visiting our website and exploring our video guides, you’re not just shopping for sound deadening solutions; you’re gaining the expertise to make every decision with confidence. Whether you are looking to minimize road noise or enhance your audio system’s clarity, our resources are designed to help you achieve the best possible results for your car’s acoustics.

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"ResoNix is one of those rare gems."

– Mike B.
New York
“There’s car audio retailers all around, but rarely do you have the sincere pleasure of stumbling onto one that changes you. ResoNix is one of those rare gems. The owner has poured his expertise and love of the industry into everything he does and sells. He designed his own line of sound deadening materials that have been independently tested to be best in class. The quality equipment offered is catered to your goals and vehicle type, not a typical cookie cutter recommendation. The tuning ability here is simply remarkable. There’s only a handful of elite tuners across the country and Nick is a master of the craft. Best of all though is his customer service. There’s not much he won’t do to satisfy, educate and assist his customers. For all these reasons and more, I’m proud to be a ResoNix customer and highly recommend them for all of your audio needs.”
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"The audible and measured results speak for themselves."

– Luke O.
“Nick and ResoNix have been my #1 trusted resource for all things car audio since entering the hobby a few years ago.  Nick has taken dozens upon dozens of hours working with me on system design, tuning, troubleshooting and everything in between.  I used several competing sound deadening products before discovering Resonix and it was a massive positive change once I outfitted my vehicle with the Resonix suite of products.  The audible and measured results speak for themselves. It is clear Nick puts in hundreds of hours into honing his craft, products, and his business.  He’s extremely responsive and has never hesitated when stepping up to take corrective action on a faulty piece of equipment or other challenge.  He cuts through all the noise in this industry and delivers you concise, result driven answers that get you to your goals as efficiently as possible.  I wish I could refer more business to him.”
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“The support is not only top notch, the product is as well."

– Scott H.
“Finding businesses that truly care about their customers and that make recommendations based on what the customer needs and not what they would like to sell is rarity in today’s environment. ResoNix is one of those businesses. When I first called, Nick took over an hour of his time to speak with me about the different options available and what the best direction would be for me to go. As a matter of fact, the call stretched in to after hours and he continued the conversation as he was walking up a ski slope. That is dedication. The support is not only top notch, but the product is as well. Quality sound dampening makes a big difference when trying to achieve that perfect sound in your vehicle and the ResoNix product will help you do that. In addition to providing a great product, ResoNix has taken the time to spell out what to install, where to install it, and how to install it in a level of detail where even the average person can be a pro at sound dampening their vehicle. I highly recommend ResoNix…their products and support are exceptional. Just give them a call and you will see.”