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ResoNix Sound Solutions is a company with a specialty in high-end car audio and automotive sound treatment that offers top quality products and services that provide superior performance in their respective categories. No gimmicks, no baseless claims, no nonsense. Constrained layer dampers, sound absorbers, decouplers, noise barriers, and car audio DSP tuning and consultation services are part of our line-up with a focus on data-backed, solutions-based products developed by professional enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

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Sick of sifting through marketing BS to find the best sound deadeners and which ones to avoid? We have all of the data you could ask for.
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Attention Past & Future ResoNix Sound Solutions Customers!

While we are always available to support our customers and potential customers on their sound treatment journey via phone, email, or even text, we are always in an effort to constantly expand our ways to serve our customers, we have created a private Facebook group specifically for ResoNix customers. In this private group we offer direct, one-on-one help (even for subjects other than sound treatment), post helpful write-ups, post any current and future discount codes exclusively for group members, show current product designs and request feedback from members, post private how-to videos regarding products we sell at ResoNix (and even ones we don’t)!

The only requirement is that you be a ResoNix customer. That’s it! (sample kits not included). When joining the group, you must have your order or invoice number ready to post it into one of the group admission questions as proof of being a customer. Without an order or invoice number, Facebook will automatically filter it and decline your request to join. If you do not have your original order email with the order number, feel free to reach out and we can get it for you. 

ResoNix Sound Solutions Private Customer Support Facebook Group

Don’t forget to check out our Reference Information & Guide section, the most extensive write-up on automotive sound treatment on the internet. Anything from how sound treatment products work, how to use them most effectively, and even installation examples.

Wondering if you should make the jump to ResoNix? Check out the results from an unaffiliated objective testing project!

Independent Testing Results

Heard the recent buzz about ResoNix and our products recently and want to know what makes us different? Look no further.

Why ResoNix Is The Best Choice.

Featured Products

  • ResoNix Sound Solutions CLD Squares Sound Deadener Sound Deadening

    ResoNix Sound Deadener – CLD Squares – Full Box: 40 Pieces (40 Square Feet)

  • ResoNix Sound Solutions Fiber Mat 45

    ResoNix Fiber Mat 45 – 45mm Thick Automotive Sound Absorber & Decoupler – Self-Adhering & Hydrophobic (13.5 Square Feet)

  • ResoNix Solderless Custom RCA Cable System

    Solderless Custom RCA Cable System – Dual Coaxial Cable

  • ResoNix Sound Solutions CCF Strips Speaker Rings Fast Rings Foam Speaker Ring

    ResoNix CCF Strips – Foam Speaker Ring Strips For Speaker-To-Panel Coupling – Pair

  • Sale! ResoNix Giveaway - Guardian 15% off rear wave midbass absorber hydrophobic melamine mlv mass loaded vinyl composite for car doors boats engine bays

    ResoNix Guardian Car Door Sound Absorbing Pad

  • ResoNix Solderless Custom RCA Cable System End Silver

    Solderless Custom RCA Cable System Connectors – Silver – Pair