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Who We Are

ResoNix Sound Solutions is an automotive sound solutions company with a specialty in high-end car audio and automotive sound treatment that offers top quality products and services that provide superior performance in their respective categories. No gimmicks, no baseless claims, no nonsense. Constrained layer dampers, sound absorbers, decouplers, noise barriers, and car audio DSP tuning and consultation services are part of our line-up with a focus on data-backed, solutions-based products developed by professional enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

ResoNix Resources

ResoNix Sound Solutions is known for two things. First, the absolute highest performance and best value products in their respective categories. Second, we are also known for providing objective data to back our products and educate our customers and casual readers alike. We do not pay for google ads, do email campaigns, pay youtubers, etc. Our marketing plan is purely to educate the customers and arm them with the knowledge to make a decision that makes the most sense for them. Our Resources section is the most comprehensive and ever-growing collection of articles and data in the automotive sound treatment industry, and maybe even in the car audio industry as a whole.

Featured Products

  • ResoNix Sound Solutions CLD Squares Sound Deadener Sound Deadening Material with Free ResoNix Roller

    ResoNix CLD Squares: Sound Deadening Material

  • ResoNix Solderless Custom RCA Cable System

    Solderless RCA Cable System – Dual Coaxial Cable

  • ResoNix Sound Solutions CCF Strips Speaker Rings Fast Rings Foam Speaker Ring

    ResoNix CCF Strips – Foam Speaker Ring Strips For Speaker-To-Panel Coupling – Pair

  • ResoNix Sound Solutions Guardian Hydrophobic Melamine MLV Composite sound absorber for cars rear wave absorber midbass diffuser Mass Loaded Vinyl

    ResoNix Guardian – Marine & Automotive Sound Absorbing Pad

  • ResoNix Solderless Custom RCA Cable System End Silver

    Solderless RCA Cable System Connectors – Silver – Pair

  • ResoNix Sound Solutions Super Max Mega Pro CLD Squares Sound Deadener Automotive Sound Deadening Material Free Roller

    ResoNix Mega CLD Squares: Heavy Duty Sound Deadening Material – 20 Pieces (20 Square Feet)