ResoNix Full Sound Proofing Kit – Sedan, Crossover, & Truck

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Are you what most people would consider obsessive and over the top in the things you enjoy? Are you also looking to reduce the noise in your vehicle and are making it a full-blown one-and-done deal with the best products and treatment you can do? The ResoNix Insane Full Sound Proofing Kit is your answer.

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ResoNix Full Sound Proofing Kit For Your Car

Full Car Sound Deadening Kit:

       Here it is, our FULL package that takes your vehicle to a level of quiet that is quite frankly unachievable by any other line of products on the market. This is the ultimate kit for soundproofing your vehicle, as well as fully treating it for the best-performing audio system possible. This is even beyond what I, the owner of ResoNix did in my personal vehicle (mostly because some products weren’t out when I did my vehicle), and is the very top of what I could possibly recommend in any application that I could think of for Sedans, Crossovers, Trucks, and Small to Medium Sized SUV’s. Congrats, you are now piloting a tomb on wheels.

Kit Includes:

Please note, whatever is not used can be returned for a full refund.

The normal price for these individually would be $7300. We are offering it to those who truly want the best for $5999. These prices are subject to change with the price of raw materials.

The “Doors” section from our ResoNix Buyers Guide will give you details behind the products and the installation for all of the different ResoNix Door Kits!

ResoNix CLD Squares Sound Deadening Material

ResoNix CLD Squares is a constrained layer damper sound deadening material comprised of butyl rubber and aluminum. It is adhered to panels of vehicles to lower structure-borne vibration and resonance to reduce noise while driving as well as to provide a better foundation in a vehicle for installing a sound system. Our ResoNix CLD Squares Sound Deadening Material can be used to treat resonance and vibration in many different applications. It is most commonly used on the metal surfaces and plastic trim panels that make up doors, trunks, hatches, rear decks, roofs, wheel wells, floors, transmission tunnels, and more!

ResoNix Super Max Mega Pro CLD Squares Sound Deadening Material

ResoNix Super Max Mega Pro CLD Squares may have a silly name, but their performance is downright silly as well. Similar in construction to the original ResoNix CLD Squares, the difference between the two comes down to the aluminum constraining layer. On the Super Max mega Pro CLD Squares, the aluminum is 12mil thick (12/1000 of an inch), which is 3 times thicker than the aluminum on the original ResoNix CLD Squares. This thicker aluminum allows for better performance, and better performance over a wider range of temperatures. In this kit, we advise you to use these on the outer door skins, door panels, and roof, as these are typically the most important areas, at least for sound system installations. 

ResoNix Fiber Mat 25 & Fiber Mat 45 Automotive Sound Absorber Material

ResoNix Fiber Mat 25 and Fiber Mat 45 are 25mm thick and 45mm thick (respectively), 54″ x 36″ (13.5 Square Feet) automotive sound absorbing material that is comprised of hydrophobic polypropylene fibers and feature an automotive-grade peel-and-stick adhesive on the back. It is used in aftermarket automotive installations to serve a few purposes. First, to absorb any incoming external noise, such as wind, tire, and road noise. Second, to decouple one panel from another. It can also act as a superior air gap/decoupling layer for a noise barrier such as ResoNix Barrier. And lastly, it is a great heat insulator, with an R-Value of 7.15. Due to the material it is comprised of, it is naturally hydrophobic and is completely mold/mildew resistant. This can be used anywhere in a vehicle without worry.

ResoNix Lockout Automotive Sound Absorbing Material For Door Cavities

ResoNix Lockout is an adhesive-backed Hydrophobic Melamine sound-absorbing and thermal-insulation sheet for car doors, roofs, walls, floors, and more. Commonly used in car doors for rear-wave absorption to further improve performance and accuracy of door-mounted midbass-speakers. It also features a polyester acoustic facing that helps with absorbing midbass frequencies as well as stabilizing and protecting the Hydrophobic Melamine.