Remote DSP Tuning Service


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Remote Tuning Service

Dial it in.

       Hey everyone, Nick Apicella of ResoNix Sound Solutions here. I’m the guy who started this whole remote DSP tuning thing, and I’m back offering this service. This is a great service for those that aren’t confident that they are getting the most out of their system from either their own tune, or even their installer’s tune. This is also great for those that may need visualization to learn to tune on their own. You will visualize a process that is predictable and simple and has been used to tune many cars successfully. This can be the groundwork to take it on yourself in the future.

       Note: Due to growing to an audience that isn’t very familiar with me, my businesses, or my schedule, and my remote DSP tuning services, I am going to make this clear right here. When you order this service, there is up to a 7-day wait until our schedules align. I am usually free most days, but my schedule can be a bit unpredictable at times. If we do not schedule a date right away, please do not panic.

       I am always more than okay to receive check in emails/texts though. Also, please note that if we schedule a date, things come up. Sometimes I have to reschedule. Please accept that I do not sit in front of the computer all day running ResoNix. Thank you.

Key Notes
& Prerequisites

Please be sure to carefully read all of the below information prior to contacting us regarding this service.

       Remote dsp tuning is a very simple process. I remotely access your computer via Quick Assist, a free software that is available via the Microsoft store, while we are connected to your DSP. You take measurements with the files I give you while I control everything. I do all of the muting, unmuting, eq, levels, crossovers, etc. The only thing you need to do is sit in the car, hold and move the microphone. No, we don’t do that silly, unreliable, and lackluster way of sticking it in the headrest. And you will also have to hit play/pause on my behalf.

       Once all measurements and adjustments are done, we go through verification and adjustment by ear. This is a process that I have in which we use certain tracks to verify tonality, staging, and imaging. From here make adjustments to correct acoustic anomalies that didn’t show themselves via measurement. This is the step where we verify the measurements were giving us all of the info we need. This is also where we fine-tune to your preferences.

       From here, you listen to your music to verify it’s what you are looking for. Next, we take a break and let your ears rest, then come back for more listening and verification and adjustment if necessary. I also give you 2 weeks to compile your thoughts to make adjustments after having some time with it. We can dial it in to your liking with a follow-up based on your thoughts up to those two weeks.

       When you place an order, we will reach out via phone (make sure you put your actual phone number in the checkout) or email and will do a quick consultation and set up a day and time to have the service performed.

  • A decent laptop that isn’t sluggish (windows highly preferred). I will not work with laptops that are slow as it just isn’t possible. Macs add a layer of difficulty to the process, but I can make it work if you have it set up correctly.
  • Decent wifi where your vehicle sits. Again, I will not work with slow internet as it makes the process nearly impossible. This is typically an easy process, but slow laptops/internet make this process nearly impossible. To test this, bring your laptop into your car where it’ll be parked during the tuning session. Go to and run a speed test. Speeds lower than 50mb/s prove to be somewhat problematic, and lower than 30mb/s are very problematic.
  • A phone purely for communication during the process.
  • Another way to play these test files other than your phone, either a second phone, a usb stick, a iPad, etc. We will need to be on the phone the whole time while doing this, so you will need another source to play these test files from.
  • A USB measurement microphone (I recommend the MiniDSP Umik-2, or Umik-1 if on a budget). If you want the best, an Earthworks M23R and Behringer UMC202HD is what I personally use.
  • Room EQ Wizard version 5.30 or newer and Microsoft Quick Assist (available in the Microsoft app store) downloaded onto the aforementioned laptop. I’d prefer if you have REW functioning and set up before we start
  • My tuning tracks all of them installed onto a USB drive, your DAP, or a second phone to play the tracks off of while we speak on the phone. Please note, you MUST be able to use a “Track Repeat One” feature. This is MANDATORY. The main track, correlated pink noise, will need to be on repeat for 90% of the process.
  • A tape measure.
  • Ability to connect to your DSP from your drivers seat (preferably via USB as wireless connections tend to be problematic).
  • The ability to take the simplest of instructions and answer simple questions without telling me your life story (I hate that I have to say this, but the more we stay focused, the better and easier this process goes. I do not need to hear about your life story about how you ended up here. If I ask a question, please just answer it directly and objectively.)
  • Most importantly, an install that is ACTUALLY completed and ready to be tuned. I will be asking many questions regarding your install, and sometimes even photos before starting. If your install is not ready, I will not tune it until it is in fact ready.


Note: PLEASE make sure your microphone and tuning software setup actually works before we do this. I really cannot stress this enough. The amount of tunes I log into and something in their measurement or car audio system that doesn’t work is way too high. If you need help with instructions on this, let me know.

       Frankly, the level of experience. I am up to over 500 full tunes done in person, and another 200+ remote DSP tuning services completed. I am very experienced in being able to get the most out of any car audio system. I am also not like the other guys who will sit there and do the bare bones adjustments with incorrect measurements. We also have our own process where we train you to listen for certain cues by ear which is that “10 percent” that everyone always talks about and make further adjustments from there. We also allow you to request adjustments for up to 2 weeks after the initial tune is completed.

       We charge a base price of $850 for Audiotec Fischer DSP’s, and $1200 for everything else. This is for a single-seat tune. We do not offer two-seat tunes remotely.

       Now to be very blunt and upfront… Yes, this is more expensive than the “other guys”. No, I don’t care. No, I will not adjust my prices. The only thing that gets you a discount for this service is if you purchase the DSP through us. This nets you 50% off of a Remote DSP Tune with us. 

       Most of these “other guys” are previous customers of mine who watched me do a tune once and do not truly know the science behind the process of tuning a system properly. This is why you see some people who are saying “I have tried 4 other guys before I was finally happy with a remote tune”. This is exactly why. My tuning experience and understanding of car audio systems as a whole separates me from the rest. This service will still make the largest difference and most likely still be one of the cheapest parts of your system.

       This base price includes the tuning of Audiotec Fischer (Helix/Brax/Match) DSP’s. There are extra charges for other processors based on how difficult they make it to complete a tune, especially remotely. 

       We can also help with OEM Integration. If you are going high-level in from an OEM head unit or amplifier, we can also get your input squared away. This may cost extra. Some OEM systems are easy to integrate into. Others are… not. I am familiar with most, so this can most likely be figured out beforehand, but you MUST let me know beforehand that there is OEM integration that needs to be sorted. If you show up to your session day-of without letting me know, I am not touching it or you are paying a separate rate for OEM Integration.

       Liability: There is one major limitation to remote tuning. That is having someone experienced such as myself sitting there and listening to what is coming out of those speakers. ResoNix Sound Solutions will NOT be held liable for any blown speakers during, or after tuning. This has never once been a problem, but who knows. Gain setting of amplifiers is NOT a part of this process. The only gain settings I will be able to adjust is if you are using certain Audiotec Fischer Processors or Processed Amplifiers. Any other processor, gain adjustment is not a part of this service.

Heads up…

       This is not a service that is applicable to those with processors that use only an App to tune the device. It needs to have a desktop software. If you do not have a processor selected and are still selecting and considering this service, I’d 100% prefer if you have an Audiotec Fischer DSP. I know that the best end results will be had with a Helix, Brax, or Match processor.

       Please note that there is a maximum time limit on the process of 2.5 hours. If the installation is correct and nothing is wrong and you are truly ready, there is no chance of going over these times and you will have nothing to worry about. Any hour extra is $200/hr.