ResoNix MLV Compatible Velcro ®


This Velcro is able to withstand the automotive environment long-term and is able to adhere to MLV and other Mass Loaded Vinyl type products.

Currently on backorder. ETA: June 15th, 2024

Available on backorder

Quantity Discount Type Discount Price Per Item
5-9 Percentage 15 $13.60
10-19 Percentage 20 $12.80
20-50 Percentage 25 $12.00
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MLV Compatible Velcro ®

We Can Take the Heat.

       ResoNix MLV-Compatible Velcro ® features a high-temperature, vinyl-compatible pressure-sensitive adhesive that is manufactured for automotive use. This NOT the same thing as the typical Hook-And-Loop products that you can buy in your local hardware store. Use this to secure and hold up Mass Loaded Vinyl, among other various car audio and automotive installation needs.

Can also be used to hold up ResoNix Barrierin certain applications. Just remove a section of the foam and adhere directly to the internal barrier layer. 

Product Specifications

. ResoNix Velcro comes in 2” widths

. Sold by the yard, so an order quantity of 3 will get you 3 consecutive yards of product. Ordering multiple quantities will increase length, but will be in one continuous length.

. High-temperature adhesive. The acrylic-based adhesive is extremely strong and is able to stick to anything you can throw at it in the automotive environment. This includes being able to stick to Mass Loaded Vinyl.

. Adhesive will stick to Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)

. Temperature Range: -30F to 225F