Porsche 911 – ResoNix Sound Deadening & Sound Treatment Kit

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Love your 911 but your wife (and let’s admit it, sometimes even you) hate how loud and resonant it can sound? Here is your solutions! This is the ultimate price and wight-to-performance sound-deadening kit to treat your 996, 997, 991, and 992 Porsche 911 models to reduce unwanted rattles, resonance, tire noise, and drone, while still keeping the vehicle fun to drive, fun sounding, and without adding too much weight.

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Porsche 911 Sound Deadening Kit

Porsche 911 Noise Reduction

       Hey everyone. I know, trying to quiet down one of the most iconic sports cars of all time with sound deadening seems a bit crazy. But believe it or not, the 911 is probably our most inquired about vehicle, maybe only second to Tesla’s and Bronco’s. Everyone loves the sound of the exhaust and engine. But no one loves rattles and resonance, which the 911’s are full of, unfortunately. Being very familiar with this model car, and having done multiple sound treatment installations in every generation 911 from the 996 up to the brand new 992, I can faithfully say that this package is an extremely impressive bang for your buck option to drastically lower the unwanted noise in your Porsche 911, without putting a damper on what makes the car so exciting to drive.

“But who would want to make a Porsche 911 quieter?!”

       Apparently a lot of people, based on our inquiries. We aren’t necessarily making the vehicle quieter.  What we are trying to do with this package is remove the sound you don’t want to hear, while still allowing the sound you do want to hear. As mentioned, this kit removes the audible harshness of a 911 without blocking out any of the fun stuff. Pesky rattles, gone. Resonance that sounds like an overwhelming drone, handled. High pitched noise from hard summer tires slapping on the pavement, eliminated. Wind noise around the doors? No longer a problem. What about the pinging sounds from pebbles and gravel hitting the fender liners? Also taken care of. The only thing that is left is you, and that amazing piece of engineering that sits behind you.

       How we do this is simple. By effectively targeting problem areas with certain products, we can effectively cut down the noise that originates from these areas. As mentioned, resonance, wind noise, and panel rattle from the doors. Panel drone, resonance, and rattles from the rear. High-frequency tire noise and rock pings from the wheel wells. Resonance from pockets of air in the quarter panels.. All of these are taken care of without diminishing the enjoyment that the engine in this car brings. We just remove the distractions.

       For full soundproofing of this vehicle, we have other options. But for a package that multiple 911 owners have been happy with for reducing harshness without neutering the car, this is what we recommend.

Kit Includes:

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