ResoNix Roller – Sound Deadening Roller


With every CLD Sound Deadening installation you need the right tools to install it. To date, this is the best roller we have used to help properly install our CLD Sound Deadener products.

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Sound Deadening Roller

       The ResoNix Sound Solutions Sound Deadening Roller is the best and most installation-friendly sound deadener roller available. There are a few aspects that make this the best sound deadening roller in our experience. First, the angled ABS-plastic handle. The angled handle allows for a more comfortable use, better leverage if needed, and can reach into tight locations better than standard handles. The stainless steel wheel is the second part of this roller that takes it to the next level. The roller is much heavier and sturdier, and will outlive most of your tools. It is also a flat roller, which is very important for maintaining the effectiveness of your CLD. 

       When using a roller with a ridged surface, yes, it might look cool. But the problem is, it stretches out and provides “relief” for the aluminum constraining layer of your CLD. This lowers its effectiveness by more than most would think. Testing on this exact thing can be found in our Independent Testing Data page. And lastly, it features a ball bearing for smooth and consistent use that will outlast any other product of this type.  


34mm wide roller

32mm diameter roller

22mm diameter handle