Blackhole Tiles



Recently replaced with ResoNix Guardian & ResoNix Lockout

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Black Hole Tiles

Black Hole Tiles

Replaced by ResoNix Guardian & ResoNix Lockout

       Blackhole Tiles offer a unique solution for noise transfer issues in automotive and marine environments. These 4″ x 3″ x 1.5″ water-resistant tiles consist of multiple layers that work together to address this problem. Specifically, they include a 1″ thick acoustic foam layer, a 1/8″ thick 1lb per sq/ft mass loaded vinyl layer, a vibration-isolating closed-cell foam layer, and a high-loss visco-elastic damping layer with a pressure-sensitive adhesive.

       The 1″ thick high-density polyurethane acoustic foam layer absorbs noise to mitigate sound transfer. Meanwhile, the floating mass loaded vinyl layer blocks noise and serves as a wide-band treatment for noise.

       Additionally, the closed-cell foam layer acts as a decoupler for the floating mass loaded vinyl layer to prevent energy transfer from the substrate to the mass loaded vinyl. Finally, the visco-elastic layer offers damping properties to the substrate it is applied to.

       Overall, Blackhole Tiles are a versatile and effective solution that addresses noise transfer issues in vehicles and boats.

Key Notes
& Product Specifications

Our products have been proven to outperform the competition in independently conducted lab analysis.

1) High-efficiency acoustical absorption layer from high-density polyurethane foam.

2) “Floating Wall” sound barrier made of limp flexible vinyl copolymer loaded with non-lead inorganic fillers.

3) Vibration isolation layer made with polyurethane flexible closed-cell foam.

4) Hi-loss flexible viscoelastic double thickness damping layer, backed with a super-strong pressure adhesive.

5) Sealed to ensure water resistance.


4” x 3” x 1.5”