Valse MOST150 Interface – Mercedes, Volvo, VW MOST150 Optical Audio Interface


OEM Audio Interface to grab MOST150 signal from select vehicles.

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Valse Optical Interface

VW MOST150 Optical Audio Interface

The Valse MOST150 Optical Audio Interface is a pre-amp solution for many Mercedes, Volvo, Skoda, and VW vehicles. This unit is used by Nick, the owner of ResoNix, in his personal vehicle with excellent results (2019 Volvo S60). This allows you to bypass the OEM amplifier and get SPDIF signal converted from the original MOST150 optical signal. This retains audio, blinkers, chimes, and all sensors without issue as well. This is the best solution to getting audio signal when doing a sound system in an applicable vehicle. 

Designed for cars:
. VW Tiguan (2017-2020), VW Teramont (2016-2020)
. Skoda Kodiaq (2016-2020), Skoda Octavia (2016-2020)

. Volvo (tested on S60, S90, XC90, XC60 and XC40 2018-2021)

. Mercedes Benz (2015-2020) with 5th generation NTG head units

Key Notes
& Product Specifications

I have been using this in my personal car (2019 Volvo S60 R-Design with Harman Kardon), and in another local friend’s car (2020 Volvo S90 R Design with B&W) with so far, ZERO issues. This has been the most trouble-free audio interface that I have used to date. If you have any questions regarding this interface, feel free to contact us anytime. Thanks! 

. Valse Audio Interface (Most-150)

. Power cable

. Optional (NOT SUPPLIED BY RESONIX): optical thread or two threads – if the car does not have a standard optical amplifier, then one optical cable (optical cable) is needed. If the machine is in an “empty” configuration (i.e. there is no optical wiring at all), then 2 such opto-wires are needed.

. Optional (NOT SUPPLIED BY RESONIX): optical connector – only for Mercedes