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Solderless RCA Cable System – RCA Y Splitter

Want clean and neat custom RCA cables that are the perfect length, but hate how time consuming and tedious they are? Our Solderless RCA Cable with the Solderless RCA Ends are your answer. Not only are they super easy to use, have excellent noise rejection, and look great, but they also come out to be less in price than other popular car-audio RCA’s when outfitting a while vehicles installation.

This Y-Adapter is able to split our Solderless RCA Cable in a clean and easy fashion.


ResoNix Solderless Custom RCA Cable System – RCA Y Splitter


Note: This  RCA Y Splitter is only to be used with our Solderless RCA Cable System. Sold as a single unit, not pairs.

       This RCA Y Splitter allows for easy splitting of our Solderless RCA system, and is exactly what we have been using at ResoNix Sound Solutions for some time now. These allow you to to make use of our Solderless RCA System without the need of adding any other Y-Adapter RCA Cables. The connections are made the exact same way as the RCA ends. Your cables can be made in less than 30 seconds. No need to break out the solder station, magnifying glass, and helping-hands and spending 10 minutes just to strip a few small wires and solder on two RCA ends, let alone a Y-Adapter. This system is as easy as it comes. 

       The cable is a standard 75-ohm coaxial cable, but still has plenty of flexibility to use in automotive installations. They look clean and sleek and are not stiff and bulky like most high-end cables are. The cable comes as a side-by-side pair design, so just like normal RCA’s, they act as a pair. That said, they are easy to split if you are doing custom wiring work.

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Silver RCA Ends

RCA Y-Splitters

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Y-Splitter Specs 

Single-Piece Design


Accepts Our Specific 75-Ohm Coaxial Cable


       The ResoNix Solderless Custom RCA Cable Y Splitter is perfect to use in two very common situations. First, when using a single DSP channel going into a mono amplifier that requires both inputs to be used. The second would be when using a single output out of a DSP that is feeding signal to a set of bridged amplifier channels that require both RCA inputs to be used.  


Note from ResoNix owner, Nick Apicella..

       We have been using these RCA’s exclusively at ResoNix Sound Solutions in every sound system we have installed since early 2022. To date we have not had a single failure, and any issues of induced noise from our previous RCA cable of choice, while not often, seemed to completely disappear. We have used these with many DSP’s and amplifiers from Helix, Match, Brax, Mosconi, and many more. 

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