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ResoNix Sample Kit


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ResoNix Sound Solutions Product Sample Kit

Maximum of 1 Per Customer!

Please note, these kits are pre-made by us in-house and then stored/shipped from our off-site shipping company. We cannot modify the sample kit in any way. What comes in the kit is what you are getting, no replacements.


ResoNix Sound Solutions is constantly working on making sure we provide the very best products in the automotive sound deadening and sound proofing world. We want to be able to prove that to you in any way we can. Many people see the data on our products or read reviews about them and become curious. We are well aware of the high cost of entry to our products, so it is not feasible for many to buy just to see if it is right for their application. So now, you can request samples of many of our products for a flat rate of… One dollar! All we ask is that you do not abuse it. 


We are offering free samples of our main products! A sample kit will come with the following..

. ResoNix CLD Squares (will include one 6″ x 4″ piece of a ResoNix CLD Square)

. ResoNix Lite CLD Rectangles (will include one 6″ x 4″ piece of a CLD Rectangle)

. ResoNix Fiber Mat 25 & 45 (1 piece, 6″ x 3″)

. ResoNix CCF Decoupler 7 (1 piece, 2″ x 2″)

. ResoNix CCF Decoupler 3F (1 piece, 2″ x 2″)

. ResoNix CCF Decoupler 3S (1 piece, 2″ x 2″)

. ResoNix CCF Strips (1 piece of a strip, 6″)

. ResoNix Barrier (1 piece, 3″ x 3″) – Please note, we have had many sample kits made before we changed the thickness lead and foam type on ResoNix Barrier. The sample kits will come with the old version until stock is depleted. 

. ResoNix Guardian (1 piece, 2″ x 2″)

. ResoNix Solderless Custom RCA Cable & Ends (5″ of cable, 2 ends, one black chrome and one silver)

Sizes are approximate, not exact!

USA Manufactured

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