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ResoNix Full Sound Proofing Kit – Sedan, Crossover, & Truck


       Here it is, our FULL package that takes your vehicle to a level of quiet that is quite frankly unachievable by any other line of products on the market. This is the ultimate kit for soundproofing your vehicle, as well as fully treating it for the best-performing audio system possible. This is even beyond what I, the owner of ResoNix did in my personal vehicle (mostly because some products weren’t out when I did my vehicle), and is the very top of what I could possibly recommend in any application that I could think of for Sedans, Crossovers, Trucks, and Small to Medium Sized SUV’s. Congrats, you are now piloting a tomb on wheels.


What is included

(3) Boxes of ResoNix CLD Squares (120sq feet)

(2) Boxes of ResoNix Super Max Mega Pro CLD Squares (40 Square Feet)

(8) Boxes of ResoNix Fiber Mat 45

(10) Boxes of ResoNix Fiber Mat 25

(1) Yard of ResoNix CCF Decoupler 7

(1) Yard of ResoNix CCF Decoupler 3S

(2) Full boxes of Resonix Guardian

(2) Rolls of ResoNix Rope

(12) Sheets of ResoNix Barrier

(1) ResoNix Roller

(2) Pairs of ResoNix CCF Strips

Please note, whatever is not used can be returned for a full refund.


The normal price for these individually would be $7300. We are offering it to those who truly want the best for $5999. These prices are subject to change with the price of raw materials.

USA Manufactured

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