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ResoNix Butyl Rope – Butyl Sealant Tape

ResoNix Butyl Rope is the ultimate multi-tasking sound treatment product. It is perfect for small areas that need decoupling and stability, gasketing, rattle prevention for plastic and metal clips, and more.

Made In America.


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2-14 Ammended Price 14 $14.00
15-56 Ammended Price 12 $12.00

ResoNix Butyl Rope – Butyl Sealant Tape


       ResoNix Butyl Rope is a butyl formula that’s extruded into a rope for use as a vibration damper, decoupler and as a butyl sealant tape. The butyl formula in the rope is slightly different from what ResoNix CLD Squares use since the butyl rope needs to perform several tasks.

You can use ResoNix Butyl Rope as a decoupler between doors and baffles to make an airtight seal. It’s also useful to create a constrained layer damping system inside doors by placing it between the outer door skin and impact beams, with the impact beam acting as the constraining layer and the butyl rope as the viscoelastic layer. Additionally, ResoNix Rope provides an adhesive for small panels and panel clips to prevent vibration/rattles, and more.

For best results, use this product with CLD and CCF. ResoNix Rope is a quick, easy, and inexpensive tool that serves as a jack of all trades, from decoupling to constraining, as mentioned above.

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  • 15′ long
  • 3/8″ diameter

ResoNix Butyl Rope Sealant Tape Installation example, courtesy of Eric H.

       One of our customers, Eric H., recently sent in these photos of his installation. It is a perfect example of how to make use of ResoNix Rope. In his 2020 BMW X4M Competition, the door panels are made of several layers that are plastic welded together with tight tolerances between each layer. This is almost always a source of rattles in door panels. Take a look at photo 1. Eric applied leverage to lightly pry and provide more space between the overlapping layers of the door panel. While pried open, ResoNix Rope was inserted and pressed in around the areas that were applicable. You can see this in photo 2. 

For past and future ResoNix customers, feel free to send in pictures of your ResoNix products installation to be featured on the website.


Picture 1 is before ResoNix Butyl Rope is applied, Picture 2 is after ResoNix Butyl Rope is applied.

ResoNix Sound Solutions Butyl Rope Spec Sheet

USA Manufactured

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