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Why Choose ResoNix?

ResoNix is an automotive sound solutions company with a specialty in high-end car audio and automotive sound treatment that offers top quality products and services that provide superior performance in their respective categories. No gimmicks, no baseless claims, no nonsense. Constrained layer dampers, sound absorbers, decouplers, noise barriers, and car audio DSP tuning and consultation services are part of our line-up with a focus on data-backed, solutions-based products developed by professional enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

But really, why choose ResoNix Sound Solutions? What sets us apart?

       Look, I get it. In the world of Amazon Prime instantly gratifying our every desire for pennies on the dollar, why pay for something that looks the same but has a much higher cost? I’m guilty of it as well. Look for some random product that works for what I need at that moment, hit the one-button purchase, and expect it the next day, all while costing practically nothing. Well, we have to all be real with ourselves here. Not even talking about sound deadener, but since when is some typical amazon-sold product the best available? Pretty much never. Even products sold elsewhere are very questionable these days and we are plagued with markets full of cheap products that are meant to last just long enough while being as profitable as possible for the company selling them. They’re usually only “good enough” to satisfy our instant gratification lifestyles that we are so unfortunately used to now. But if you managed to find our small-time website and our products, then chances are you aren’t looking for something sub-par, or even average. What you are most likely looking for is the best overall performance, and the best overall value. If you are reading this, there is a good chance you already know that we offer the best products available. If you don’t know that, well, let’s dive into it.

The Products

       So let’s break it down. Are there cheaper products that claim to do the same? Of course. Are there products that claim to be effective “3-in-1” or “all-in-one” solutions, yes. So what makes us and our products different, and what makes them the best. Let’s start with what makes them different

       Each and every product that we offer is specifically designed and tailor-made to be the most effective for the task at hand, whether it is reducing resonance, absorbing airborne noise, blocking outside noise, etc. Why do we do this instead of calling up any old Chinese sound deadening one-stop-shop factory that’s plastered all over Alibaba and getting them all from one source for pennies on the dollar? Well, because no one is the best at everything, period. The best Constrained Layer Damper manufacturers don’t even offer absorption or barrier products, let alone make decent ones, and vice versa. It’s just like how a Porsche, arguably one of the best manufacturers of performance vehicles does not make the best mini vans. Yes, a Honda Odyssey minivan has more function and utility at a fraction of the price than any Porsche on the road, but that 911 is purpose built for driving. Feeling the road and attacking it with force. I like to look at us and our offerings this way. Sure, we are not the cheapest and we do not have any “jack-of-all-master-of-none” products like many brands now claim. But what we do have is one that will tackle each and every sound treatment need you may have with absolute precision.


       ResoNix CLD Squares – Our ResoNix CLD Squares, as with everything else we make, is made right here in the USA. What makes these better than any other constrained layer damper on the market is a few simple things. First, the butyl formula. This is the main factor of what sets apart one CLD from another is the formula that makes up the viscoelastic butyl rubber. These viscoelastic properties of the butyl layer are what allow a CLD to effectively constrain panels and reduce resonance, while the aluminum layer provides a reference for the layer to adhere to and work against. Now, not all butyls are created equal. Heck, not all sound damping products even use butyl. There are many different types you can start with, but also additives that help modify the properties to achieve a certain goal. In our case, we start with a very high quality butyl and only have functional additives, additives that will increase the performance in in resonance control and temperature resistance of the butyl we use. Many other manufacturers and brands see a different type of opportunity here. Instead of formulating the best product they can, they use a cheaper butyl with a cheaper adhesive, and load it with non-functional additives in order to add more volume. This allows for a higher yield of their butyl layer, but one that is much less effective. But to them, who cares? They are well aware that 99% of the automotive sound deadener consumers have no idea that there is a difference in performance, let alone a large difference so why not just make the spec sheet’s stated thickness (which is what most people think makes a good CLD) look good while also lowering the overall cost? Win-win for them, but it’s a losing battle for the end user who is none the wiser. 

       Now, we also have the aluminum layer. Again, most just think thickness is the only factor to performance here. The truth is, there is more to it than that. For our CLD Squares, we use a higher grade and temper of aluminum that provides superior stiffness and damping over cheaper grades of aluminum. Some cheaper brands don’t even use aluminum as their constraining layer, and will instead go even cheaper and use aluminized mylar. So to sum it up, ResoNix is using the best aluminum constraining layer we can get without causing a diminishing return on overall cost to the end user, coupled with the very best butyl formula we could make for our uses.

       As of August 2023, we now offer 2 more CLD products outside of our famous ResoNix CLD Squares. We now also offer our ResoNix Lite CLD Rectangles, which is a light-weight and economically friendly CLD. This uses the very same butyl formula, but at 45-mil thick, and the same aluminum type, but at 3-mil thickness instead of the CLD Squares 100/4-mil spec. We also recently started offering something even better than our ResoNix CLD Squares. We now also offer the ResoNix Heavy Duty Super Max Mega Pro CLD Squares. This offers the same 100-mil butyl, but steps up the aluminum layer from 4-mil, all the way to 12-mil. Yes, the name is silly, but so is the performance.


       ResoNix Fiber Mat 25 & ResoNix Fiber Mat 45 – Our ResoNix Fiber Mat products pretty much speak for themselves, and only mostly compete against themselves. As of right now, we are one of a few offering a product like this to end users. The only thing is, ResoNix Fiber Mat is the only one made here in the USA, and is made out of a melt-blown material that is not only much finer for better absorption performance, but is also the only one that is fully synthetic and is naturally mold and mildew resistant. The others on the market utilize cotton, or mixtures with cotton which will not fare well long term in the automotive environment. The only competitor that is close to our Fiber Mat products is 3m Thinsulate, which has fibers that are not as fine and give our Fiber Mat a large advantage in the acoustic absorption department, but it also doesn’t come with a peel and stick adhesive, so installing it is not as easy or clean. Our Fiber Mat products also cut cleanly and even create a seal when using the right scissors.

       ResoNix Guardian – ResoNix Guardian is also another product that doesn’t have much competition. There is one other product that competes with it in the aftermarket automotive space, which is actually another product that we sell. It is not ours, but we do offer it to those that want it. The differences between the two mostly comes down to the foam. With the other product, it has the same thickness of layers, the same mass loaded vinyl layer, etc., but its foam is a standard polyurethane “acoustic” foam, and is treated on the sides to prevent water from soaking in. There are two problems here. First, while the sides may be treated to prevent water absorption, the pleated face is not, and still allows water to soak in. Frankly, this is what caused us to come out with Guardian. The second problem is polyurethane foam is good, but not great for acoustic absorption. ResoNix Guardian takes care of both of these issues. Instead of a cheap polyurethane foam, Guardian uses a Hydrophobic Melamine foam for the two foam layers. Melamine foam out of the gate is a better acoustic performer than polyurethane foam, and also has MUCH better heat insulation properties. It also can be treated to be hydrophobic throughout its entire volume so no water has any chance of effecting it. We have it made in 12” x 12” squares so you can custom cut this product to size for whatever application you may have and achieve a neat and uniform look while achieving full coverage. As you can see, we also sell these two products for the same price. Being the direct maker and supplier of Guardian helps keep overall cost down so you are getting a much better product for the same price.

       ResoNix Barrier – ResoNix Barrier is pretty simple and is straightforward in its performance benefits. A standard noise barrier in the aftermarket automotive market is going to be 1/8” thick 1lb per square foot mass loaded vinyl. While MLV is cheap and readily available, it is NOT easy to work with, especially considering all of these newer vehicles have much tighter tolerances and will not agree with the fact that MLV isn’t very flexible, bendable, or moldable. It can only be easily bent in one direction, and is relatively thick and cumbersome, so you can forget about using this in complex shaped areas and in most newer vehicles. This is where Barrier steps things up. Barrier, instead of being a very stiff and stubborn mass loaded vinyl, is 1/32” sheet lead that is encapsulated in foam. It is twice as heavy per square foot, so it is much more effective, yet it is 4x thinner than MLV, and is actually flexible, bendable, and moldable. You can easily shape it to whatever contour you want, and it will hold its shape and allow you to easily reinstall your interior with ease. It is also the only noise barrier on the market that features the decoupling layer on both sides keeping it truly isolated from the vehicle and panels around it.

       ResoNix CCF Decoupler 7 – ResoNix CCF Decoupler 7 is probably our most simple and straightforward product that we offer. Now, most foams on the automotive aftermarket are a basic and common ensolite type foam. It is stiff, not very compliant, and doesn’t have great compression set and compression deflection specs for our needs. We need something soft that will provide cushion, but still have some structure to it unlike a typical eggcrate foam. This combination is what achieves the best isolation properties while keeping it easy to install with the most coverage and contact possible. Our CCF Decoupler 7 has an ASTM D1056 verified compression deflection spec of 1 psi. This is very compliant and will allow it to be very useful and very flexible in our world of sound treating vehicles. 

       ResoNix Butyl Rope ResoNix Butyl Rope follows the same principles that all of our other products do. Basic concepts, but executed perfectly. While there are many other Butyl Rope type products on the market, none have the longevity, heat resistance, and adhesion that ours does. While I have had other butyl rope products dry out after sitting on the shelf for a few months, the original samples that I still have from March of 2019 are still as good as new to this day, 4 years later.

       And for the other miscellaneous products that we sell, including the Solderless Custom RCA System, CCF Strips, OEM Interior and Exterior Cloth Tapes, Illusion Audio shallow subwoofers, etc.. Everything that we offer is only something that we hold in the highest regard. The RCA system, we use that in all of our car audio installs exclusively without issue and continues to prove to be an excellent value, so we decided to make it available to everyone. The OEM tapes, who wouldn’t want the commonly used cloth tapes but instead of the stuff that gets gooey, having access to the very same product that Volkswagen Auto Group uses. The Illusion Audio subwoofers.. we use these in nearly every install at ResoNix and I use them in my own car. Everything we offer here at ResoNix Sound Solutions truly is top tier, but also a great value. To date, we have only had customers that are thrilled with the performance of our products, and we do not plan on that changing.

       If you have any questions that may be more specific about we briefly mentioned in this article, feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to explain in detail and at length.

Oh, and let’s not forget, ALL of this gets shipped for free in the United States, Alaska and Hawaii included!

The First-Hand Experience

       While there many be some other companies that also have a technical understanding of the products they sell, we are the only ones that have as much first-hand experience as we do. Remember, ResoNix started as a supplement to my previous business, Apicella Auto Sound, where we specialized in high-end car audio systems, most of which used extensive levels of sound treatment. What does this mean? This means that no one else will be able to correlate the data on their products to what it means in the real world. 

ResoNix Sound Solutions Lamborghini Huracan Door How To Sound Deaden Fiber Mat 25 45 Automotive Sound Absorber
ResoNix Sound Solutions Illusion Audio Carbon C10 C12

The Customer Service

       Yes, most companies are easy to get ahold of these days for whatever various reasons you may need. But ResoNix Sound Solutions offers a totally different level of customer service. Have a questions about what is best for your application or budget? We got that covered without trying to oversell or mislead. Do you need a customized product that we don’t regularly offer? We can work with you to have it made. Have a question at midnight? We’re up. Want to Facetime to show me the specific application to get an even more accurate and detailed answer? No problem. 

       While we do offer the best product, that doesn’t mean so much if our customers aren’t being guided on how to use them correctly, and we have no problem doing so in a way that is purely beneficial to you and your end goal, not our wallets. We even have no problem with consulting on the rest of your car audio installation (if that is what you are using our product for). It doesn’t end there. We also have a dedicated ResoNix Customer Support Facebook Group that is for ResoNix Customers only, where you can get personalized help with whatever you need, access to various car audio related how-to videos, DSP Tuning help, and more.

Don’t think we can offer better support than the rest? Try me. Here’s my personal cell: 845-274-4357. 

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