ResoNix Stage-2 2-Door Sound Deadening Kit



ResoNix’s suggestion for an easy yet highly effective sound-deadening installation for your car doors.

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Stage-2 Door Sound Deadening Kit

The Complete Car Door (Pair) Sound Deadening Kit: Stage-2

       Hey everyone! I’m very happy to announce that we are once again not only offering pre-packaged door kits, but we are offering two based on our most popular options! This one is our best bang-for-your-buck option when it comes to sound deadening your doors for your cars sound system, or just general driving. This kit includes enough ResoNix CLD Squares, ResoNix Fiber Mat 1.0″ or 0.5″, ResoNix CCF Strips, ResoNix Butyl Rope, as well as a ResoNix Roller in order to treat your doors in a way that reduces resonance, rattles, buzzes, absorbs outside noise, and seals your door-mounted midbass speakers to the grille in a way that gets the job done to a very high ability, but in a relatively budget-conscious manner considering the overall performance.

Kit Includes:

The normal price for these individually would be $480. We are offering a special on this kit at a starting price of $375.

Note: Please make sure your doors can handle the thickness of Fiber Mat 45 before purchasing. MOST cars can without issue. If they cannot, use Fiber Mat 25. If you need help, feel free to contact us for guidance.

Please be aware that some individual items may be on back order, and will ship when they are back in stock. To check stock of an individual item, check the items individual product page, linked above. Thank you.

The “Doors” section from our ResoNix Buyers Guide will give you details behind the products and the installation for all of the different ResoNix Door Kits!