ResoNix Polaris Xpedition Sound Deadening Kit

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The ResoNix Polaris Xpedition Sound Deadening Kit offers an unparalleled solution to the common issue of excessive engine noise in the Polaris Xpedition UTV. This comprehensive kit includes our top-of-the-line ResoNix Super Max Mega Pro CLD Squares, Fiber Mat 25, and Barrier foam for optimal sound insulation, tailored specifically for both the inside and outside of the rear firewall. Enhance your driving experience with a quieter cabin, allowing for comfortable conversation and a more enjoyable ride.

Currently being sold with an equal amount of our original ResoNix CLD Squares due to the ResoNix Mega CLD Squares being on backorder. Price is temporarily changed to account for this.

NOTE: Fiber Mat 25 & 45 are at the end of their life cycle. The new and updated Fiber Mat Black Edition will be included with this kit as stock of Fiber Mat 25 & 45 runs out. As of right now, Fiber Mat 25 is out of stock, and there is some Fiber Mat 45 left. The Fiber Mat Black Edition will be in stock the first week of June 2024.

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Polaris Side by Side Sound Deadening Kit

Polaris Xpedition XP5 Sound Deadening Noise Reduction Kit

       Elevate your Polaris Xpedition experience with the ResoNix Polaris Xpedition Sound Deadening Kit by ResoNix Sound Solutions. Our innovative solution directly addresses one of the most common complaints among UTV enthusiasts: the overpowering noise from the engine. The ResoNix Polaris Xpedition Sound Deadening Kit is your ultimate solution to enjoy the performance of your UTV without the excessive engine noise.

       NOTE: Currently being sold with an equal amount of the original ResoNix CLD Squares instead of the Mega CLD Squares due to Mega being on backorder. The price is reduced to account for this. Mega CLD Squares will be back in stock mid-May 2024.

Why Choose the ResoNix Polaris Xpedition Sound Deadening Kit?

Comprehensive Coverage: The kit includes 20 square feet of our flagship product, the ResoNix Mega CLD Squares. Renowned as the best constrained layer damper sound deadener on the market, it’s designed to drastically reduce vibrations and noise. Alongside, the ResoNix Fiber Mat 0.5″ and the 3mm foam version of the ResoNix Barrier round out the package, ensuring unparalleled sound insulation via these resonance reduction, sound absorption, and noise blocking products. A ResoNix Roller is also included in the kit.

Tailored for Polaris Xpedition: Engineered specifically for the Polaris Xpedition UTV, the kit gives you the perfect amount for the areas that need treatment for effective sound damping performance.

Dual Firewall Installation: The strategic layering of ResoNix Mega CLD, Fiber Mat 25, and ResoNix Barrier on the inside of the rear firewall, coupled with a combination of ResoNix Mega CLD and ResoNix Barrier on the outside, ensures maximal noise reduction from the engine situated directly behind you.

Enhanced Driving Experience: By significantly lowering the engine noise, the kit allows for a more enjoyable and comfortable ride, letting you and your passengers converse easily and relish the journey without the intrusive sound backdrop.

Premium Quality Materials: Each component of the kit is crafted from the highest quality materials, ensuring durability and a long-lasting solution to engine noise.


Installation and Compatibility

       The ResoNix Polaris Xpedition Sound Deadening Kit is currently designed and spec’d for a straightforward installation process in the XP5 variants. The other variants have not been tested yet. If you have a Polaris Xpedition that isn’t an XP5, feel free to reach out and we can help determine if this kit will work for you.

       With detailed instructions, the kit can be seamlessly integrated into your UTV, attaching to both the inside and outside of the rear firewall for optimal sound suppression. This meticulous design ensures that your adventures in the Polaris Xpedition are nothing short of extraordinary, focusing on the joy of the ride without the distraction of noise.

Customer Self Installation of the ResoNix Polaris Sound Deadening Kit