Micro Precision Z-Studio Tweeter


The Micro Precision Z-Studio Tweeter is a high-end, high-frequency speaker with a silk dome suitable for automotive aftermarket applications.

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Micro Precision Z-Studio Tweeter

Uncompromising Quality.

       The Micro Precision Z-Studio Tweeter, a culmination of four years of research and development, is a testament to the brand’s dedication to audio excellence. This tweeter is part of the Z-Studio range, which offers five exclusive products designed to meet the needs of discerning listeners. The underlying philosophy of all Z-Studio products is the necessity of a stiff and lightweight membrane for accurate sound reproduction.

       Precision-engineered with no tolerances and fully CNC manufactured, this tweeter stands out for its very high efficiency and strong magnetic field, ensuring exceptional dynamic range and resolution. It also comes with mounting accessories for easy installation.

       A key feature of the Z-Studio Tweeter is its incredibly light moving mass, less than 0.3 grams. This ultra-low mass allows it to reproduce every nuance of sound with full dynamics and without distortion. The membrane’s extreme stiffness is a result of a unique “resin foam between 6µm Aluminium foils” technology, a patented German innovation dating back to 1935 and now in its second generation of production. Handmade with meticulous care, the production of these membranes averages just one piece per day.

       The membrane comprises over 80% air within the resin foam, striking the perfect balance between low weight and maximum stiffness, coupled with optimal acoustical properties. This achievement is further enhanced by the membrane’s basis in natural materials, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology.

       The excellence of the Z-Studio Tweeter is further exemplified by its chassis, crafted using the finest CNC technology. This approach underscores Micro Precision’s commitment to using advanced techniques and materials to produce a tweeter that not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of audio performance.

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Features &

Micro Precision Z-Studio Tweeter Physical Specifications Micro Precision Z-Studio Tweeter TS Parameters
Total Height: 35.0mm
RE: 4 ohms
Outer Diameter: 67.0mm
FS: 1150Hz
Cutout Diameter: 52.6mm
Efficienty: 94dB/W/m
Mounting Hole Pattern Diameter: 59.6mm
Interior Depth: 30mm
Voice Coil: Capton
Voice Coil Diameter: 25mm
Membrane: Silk

       To optimize the use of the Z-Studio Tweeter, it’s essential to handle and install it with care, considering its powerful magnet system and delicate components. Here are the guidelines for using the Z-Studio Tweeter effectively:

Magnet System Precautions: The tweeter has a very strong magnet system. Ensure that no small iron or metallic parts are in the vicinity to avoid any interference or damage.

  • Installation Steps for Car Audio:
    Start by installing the aluminum ring. This should be done first to ensure a secure and precise fit for the tweeter.
  • Complete all mechanical work before fitting the tweeter. This prevents any accidental damage during installation.
  • Cable Connection: Avoid connecting heavy or massive cables to the tweeter’s connectors.
    Carefully select the appropriate cable. Recommended options include a flexible 2.5 sqmm cable or a solid core 1mm pure silver wire. The right choice of cable can significantly impact the sound quality and performance of the tweeter.


Micro Precision Z-Studio Run-In Period:
       The tweeter requires several hours of run-in to reach its full performance potential.
Allow sufficient time for the tweeter to run-in before finalizing the sound setup. This ensures that the tweeter is performing at its best when you make sound adjustments.

Initial Protection in Active Systems:
       In freshly installed active systems, it’s advisable to use a high-quality capacitor (preferably > 10uf) in the speaker cable. This acts as a precautionary measure to protect the tweeter.
Once the installation and setup are complete, and you’re confident that the system is functioning correctly, you can remove the capacitor.

Final Advice for Enjoyment:
       After installation and setup, take the time to enjoy the superior sound quality of the Z-Studio Tweeter. Remember that careful handling, proper installation, and allowing the tweeter to run-in are crucial steps to ensure the best audio experience from your Z-Studio Tweeter.

       Following these guidelines will help in achieving the best performance from your Z-Studio Tweeter, ensuring a high-quality audio experience in your car audio system.

Micro Precision Z-Studio Tweeter Frequency Response