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Tech Tip: How To Use Winisd To Model, Simulate, & Compare Loudspeakers

What Is Speaker Modeling Software? What is WinISD? 

       WinISD is a free software program designed for speaker design and optimization. The software allows users to create and simulate different speaker and subwoofer enclosure designs, and analyze their acoustic performance.

       WinISD provides a variety of tools and features to help users create optimized speaker designs. For example, users can input the parameters of their chosen driver, such as the Thiele-Small parameters, and the software will calculate the optimal box size and port tuning frequency based on the selected design.

       The software also includes graphical analysis tools, which allow users to see the predicted frequency response and impedance curve for their selected design. This can help users optimize their designs for specific applications, such as home theater or car audio.

       In addition, these modeling softwares can simulate different types of speaker enclosures, including sealed, ported, and passive radiator designs. The software calculates the predicted performance of each design, allowing users to compare and choose the optimal design for their intended use.

       Overall, WinISD is a powerful tool for designing and optimizing speaker systems, particularly subwoofers. Its flexible and user-friendly interface makes it an ideal choice for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals alike who are interested in designing high-quality and optimized speaker systems.


What can we use WinISD for in Car Audio specifically?

       For my purposes of designing and installing high-end car audio systems, I use winisd for a few things. Using its many features, I can determine what I can determine which subwoofer and midbass drivers are best for a specific application. Or, I can simply figure out what size enclosure a driver needs and how much power it’ll be able to handle mechanically. The video below shows how I use WinISD to determine which driver is more suited for a specific application.


Things To Keep In Mind About Speaker Modeling Software..

       Remember, WinISD is ONLY a loudspeaker modeling software. The way this software works is it uses the TS Parameters to mathematically plot its behavior in a theoretical anechoic environment. TS parameters will only tell you how a speaker behaves at and near its resonant frequency. Modeling software does NOT tell you how a loudspeaker sounds as far as its distortion performance or its actual frequency response caused other aspects of the speaker. It also does not tell you how it’ll behave in your given room. 

TLDR, do not use WinISD as an ultimate decider on what speaker is better than another. “Better” can have many different meanings. 

Download WinISD

WinISD Alpha Pro (what I personally use)

WinISD Beta

Screenshot of myself modeling two subwoofers to check excursion limits.