Helix DSP Software Setup, Part 1: Initial Setup and Inputs

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Tech Tip: Helix DSP Software Setup, Pt.1: Initial Setup & Inputs/Outputs

       This is going to be our first post going over your Audiotec Fischer Helix, Brax, or Match DSP product. For this first video, we are focusing on the initial Helix DSP software setup and configuring the inputs and outputs. Please note that the software used is the V5.00.05, so some things may change as they update the software, which they regularly do. 


Inputs and Output Menu: This will the first menu you have to set up in your Audiotec Fischer Helix, Brax, or Match DSP. It is also one of the most confusing for new users. In this video we go over how to use it, its capabilities, and more.

Virtual Channels: Virtual channels are essentially “a DSP within your DSP” and is another function of the Audiotec Fischer products that is often misunderstood.

Signal Management: The signal management tab is where you will designate how your input switching behaves.  


Part 2 can be found here.


If you have any specific requests on tech tips regarding the Audiotec Fischer DSP PC Tool Software, or anything else related to car audio or sound treatment, please email us with a request. Thank you!

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