2022 Volvo S60 Sound System Upgrade & Sound Deadening Installation

ResoNix Sound Solutions Apicella Auto Sound Volvo S60 XC60 S90 XC90 V60 V90 Sound System speaker amplifier DSP Subwoofer upgrade sound deadening material quiet down cabin B&W Harmon Kardon Upgrade

Elevating the Volvo S60 Experience: A nearly completely hidden sound system upgrade with one extra goal; to keep it OEM in function and appearance. Hello everyone, long time no see 🙂        Nick Apicella of ResoNix Sound Solutions & Apicella Auto Sound here with our very first full car audio install in our […]

How To Install Sound Deadener In A Car

ResoNix Sound Solutions CLD Squares how to sound deaden a car sound deadening with sound deadener

How to Sound Deaden a Car: A Comprehensive Guide to Quieter Rides Are you tired of road noise disrupting your peaceful drives, or your sound system being diminished by a bunch of rattles and resonance? Sound deadening your car is an effective way to enhance your driving and music experience by reducing unwanted noise. This […]

Porsche 911 GT3 – Sound Deadening For Maximum Noise Reduction & Minimum Weight Added

Porsche 911 GT3 992 991 997 996 Sound Deadening Sound Proofing Noise Reduction Exhaust Drone Sound Deadener CLD Constrained Layer Damper Closed Cell Foam Fiber Mat Sound Absorber Decoupler Guardian Hydrophobic Melamine Foam

Porsche 911 GT3 Sound Deadening & Noise Reduction Elevating the Porsche 911 Driving Experience: The Magic of Sound Deadening        In the realm of luxury sports cars, the unique allure of Porsche 911 sound deadening and interior noise reduction is becoming increasingly recognized. Every Porsche 911 owner knows the thrill that comes with […]

What Sound Absorber Is Best To Use In Your Car

ResoNix Sound Solutions Lamborghini Huracan Door How To Sound Deaden What is Fiber Mat 25 45 sound absorber for cars

What Sound Absorber Is Best To Reduce Noise In Your Car        In the world of cars and cruising, there’s a hot topic making the rounds: “What is the best sound absorber for cars?” It’s like the secret sauce for turning your vehicle into a peaceful haven. You see, we often get caught […]

Reduce Road & Tire Noise With Wheel Well Sound Deadening Treatments

ResoNix Sound Solutions Sound Proofing Wheel Wells CLD Squares Fiber Mat 25 45 Reduce Tire Noise Wind Noise Road Noise Wheel Noise While Driving

How To Reduce Sound In Your Car By Sound Deadening Your Wheel Wells An excerpt that was originally from our Reference Information & Guide page Sound proofing Your Wheel Wells With ResoNix Sound Deadener & Sound Absorber Added 11/13/2022 Supplies needed    . ResoNix CLD Squares    . ResoNix Fiber Mat 0.5″ and/or 1.0″ (depends on […]

How To: Sound Deadening Car Doors The Right Way

ResoNix Sound Solutions Man sound deadening a car door panel

How To: Sound Deadening Car Doors The Right Way Sound Deadening Car Doors: Here at ResoNix Sound Solutions, it’s no secret that end-result performance is our main priority. It’s also no secret that there is a lot of misinformation, poor advice, and marketing disguised as guidance that plagues the automotive sound treatment groups, threads, and […]

Helix DSP Software Tech Tip: Differential Rear Fill & Using Real Center

ResoNix Sound Solutions Audiotec Fischer Helix Brax Match Differential Rear Fill How To

Tech Tip: Helix DSP Software Tech Tip – Setting Up Differential Rear Fill & Using Real Center Helix DSP Differential Rear Fill is a commonly sought-after rear speaker setup for car audio hobbyists using any of the Audiotec Ficher DSP’s. It is used for its ability to help “enhance” the front speakers by simulating the […]

What Is Sound Deadening

ResoNix Sound Solutions Man sound deadening a car door panel

What Is Sound Deadening?    Sound deadening in cars is a process that involves the use of materials to absorb or dampen sound waves and vibration. This process can be applied to various parts of a car, including the doors, roof, trunk, and floor. The goal is to reduce noise and vibration that can be […]