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Karma Mobile Audio: Aspect 6.1 – 6 Inch Component Speaker Set

Karma Mobile Audio is an emerging name in the car audio scene and has a focus on price-friendly, high-performing speakers, including this 6″ midbass and 1″ tweeter with passive crossover component speaker set.


Karma Mobile Audio: Aspect 6.1 – 6.5 Inch Component Speaker Set


Revolutionize Your Car Audio Experience Without The High Price


Experience High-Performance Sound Without Breaking The Bank

       Superior Component System for Audiophiles: Introducing the Aspect 6.1 Component Speaker Set from Karma Mobile Audio, a premium solution designed for the discerning car audio enthusiast. This set includes 6-inch midbass speakers, a pair of high-definition tweeters, and their appropriate passive crossover ensuring a full spectrum of sound that captures every nuance of your music. Perfect for those seeking a high-value upgrade, the Aspect 6.1 delivers an immersive audio experience, making every drive a memorable journey.


Innovative Design for Superior Sound

       Each component in the Aspect 6.1 set has been designed and built with precision and care. The midbass speakers feature Kevlar cones and aluminum-magnesium dustcaps, balancing lightweight design with robust sound output. The tweeters extend the high-frequency response, providing crystal-clear details. Titanium voice coil formers, neodymium motors, and integrated butyl surrounds/gaskets across the set ensure durability and performance. 


Tailored for DIY Enthusiasts 

       Karma Mobile Audio has tailored the Aspect 6.1 Component Speaker Set for easy installation and superior support, making it perfect for DIY audio enthusiasts. This component set system allows for a straightforward upgrade without the need for extensive vehicle modifications. With standardized mounting and easy to mount tweeter pods, this set is ideal for those looking to enhance their car’s audio system with high-quality components without the hassle of a full-fledged custom installation.


A Brand Born from Passion

Karma Mobile Audio is not just a brand; it’s a community-driven project founded by 3 friends united by their love for car audio. They teamed up with renowned speaker designer Dr. Rishi S. Gurbani to create a product that sets new standards in performance and value. By leveraging bulk material purchases, maintaining low overheads, having a direct connection to the source, and bypassing most of the unnecessary steps that add price markups, Karma Mobile Audio delivers high-end sound experiences at incredibly reasonable prices.


Peace of Mind with Every Beat 

Enjoy your Aspect 6.1 Component Set speakers with confidence, knowing they come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. Join the Karma Mobile Audio family and experience a sound revolution in your vehicle.

“Bringing Exceptional Audio to Every Journey – Karma Mobile Audio

6.5″ Karma Aspect 1 Tweeter Details

. RMS Power with Crossover: 100 watts with 3000Hz 24dB L-R Crossover

. Impedance: 4 ohms

. Mounting Depth: 21.5mm

. Overall Diameter: 55mm

6.5″ Karma Aspect 6 Midbass Details

. RMS Power with Crossover: 100 watts with 80Hz 24dB L-R Crossover

. Impedance: 4 ohms

. Xmax: 5mm one way

. Mounting Depth: 66.5mm

. Overall Diameter: 168mm

. Suggested Crossover with RMS Rated Power Applied: 80hz 24db L-R

Karma Mobile Audio Customer Installations

Karma Mobile Audio Aspect 6 Midbass Technical Specifications

Please note, the power ratings on the spec sheet reflect the amount of power it takes to reach the mechanical limits of the speaker without any crossovers applied. It is not applicable to car audio installations. 

Karma Mobile Audio Aspect 1 Tweeter Technical Specifications

Karma Mobile Audio Aspect 1 Tweeter TS Parameters and Frequency Response
Karma Mobile Audio Aspect 1 Tweeter Mechanical Drawing

USA Manufactured

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