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Illusion Audio Luccent L12 12″ Shallow Subwoofer

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Illusion Audio Luccent L12 12″ Shallow Subwoofer

Experience the smooth and seductive sound quality of the Illusion Audio Luccent L12 with its dynamic punch and fast, extended, and energizing bass. The soundstage is so huge and significant that listeners will feel as though they’re listening to a live performance.

The cone material of the Illusion Audio Luccent L12 is made of critically damped black polypropylene with a deep cone geometry for maximum stiffness. Its curve-shaped profile ensures a smooth high-frequency response, which blends effortlessly with the response of other higher frequency drivers in the system. The long-life rubber surround of the cone material ensures smooth frequency response with a long linear stroke to minimize distortion.


Front-Mounted Magnet Motor

One of the unique features of the Luccent subwoofers is the front-mounted magnet motor. The magnets on all Luccent subwoofers feature a neodymium magnetic motor mounted on the front side of the cone. This design offers two distinct advantages.

Firstly, because the magnet is mounted on the front, the driver is significantly shallower, greatly increasing installation options. Secondly, the front-mounted magnet does not take up any precious volume inside the enclosure, and the heat from the voice coil is outside of the enclosure, allowing the speaker to handle more power and offer better cooling.

The Luccent L10 subwoofer is optimized for a 0.75 cubic foot enclosure, while the Luccent L12 subwoofer is optimized for a 1 cubic foot enclosure. With the Illusion Audio Luccent L12, you can enjoy a powerful and immersive audio experience with maximum flexibility in installation and superior cooling capabilities.


The Illusion Audio L12 is a great compromise to its big brother, the Illusion Audio Carbon C12. While the C12 has more output, low frequency extension, and more accurate bass, the L12 is no slouch!

USA Manufactured

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