Karma Mobile Audio: Allure 6 Midbass (Pair)


Karma Mobile Audio is an emerging name in the car audio scene and has a focus on price-friendly, high-performing speakers, including this 6″ midbass speaker.

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Karma Mobile Audio Allure 6

Unleash the Ultimate Midbass Performance in Your Vehicle Without Breaking The Bank

Premium Sound Engineering for Audiophiles

       Presenting the Allure 6, the zenith of midbass technology from Karma Mobile Audio. This high-end 6-inch midbass driver represents the pinnacle of our audio innovation, designed to deliver exceptional sound quality in both 2-way and 3-way systems. For car audio enthusiasts seeking the best without compromise, the Allure 6 offers an unparalleled listening experience, combining ease of installation with economic efficiency.

Sophisticated Design for Exquisite Sound

       The Allure 6 features a state-of-the-art Kevlar cone and an aluminum-magnesium dustcap, ensuring a perfect balance between lightweight agility and powerful sound delivery. Its one-piece integrated butyl surround/gasket, coupled with a titanium voice coil former and a robust cast aluminum basket, guarantees durability and clear, resonant bass. The high-strength motor enhances performance, enabling deep, impactful bass without the bulk.

Tailored for the Passionate Installer

       Designed with the DIY car audio enthusiast in mind, the Allure 6 midbass speaker is the ideal choice for those who value simplicity and excellence. Its easy installation design and multi-function terminals make it a breeze to fit into any vehicle, ensuring that you can enjoy premium sound quality without the need for extensive modifications or custom installations.

A Brand Defined by Passion and Innovation

       Karma Mobile Audio is not just a brand; it’s a community-driven project founded by 3 friends united by their love for car audio. They teamed up with renowned speaker designer Dr. Rishi S. Gurbani to create a product that sets new standards in performance and value. By leveraging bulk material purchases, maintaining low overheads, having a direct connection to the source, and bypassing most of the unnecessary steps that add price markups, Karma Mobile Audio delivers high-end sound experiences at incredibly reasonable prices.

Your Assurance of Quality

       Embrace the Allure 6 with confidence, knowing it comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. As the finest midbass speaker in our lineup, the Allure 6 is more than just a component; it’s a statement of your commitment to audio excellence.

Features &

  • RMS Power with Crossover: 125 watts with 65Hz 24dB L-R Crossover
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Xmax: 5mm one-way linear excursion
  • Mounting Depth: 27.5mm
  • Overall Diameter: 60mm

Please note, the power ratings on the spec sheet reflect the amount of power it takes to reach the mechanical limits of the speaker without any crossovers applied. It is not applicable to car audio installations. 

Karma Allure 6 Technical Specification Sheet TS ParametersKarma Allure 1 Technical Specification Sheet Frequency Response GraphKarma Allure 6 Technical Specification Sheet Mechanical Drawing