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Here at ResoNix, we offer the very best in the Sound Absorption category, with products that are suitable for automotive, marine, industrial, aviation, and aerospace applications. Sound absorbers are a relatively new product to the aftermarket automotive category and are becoming a quick favorite for many reasons.

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Reducing Wind, Engine, Exhaust, and Tire Noise Using Sound Absorbers

       Sound Absorbers are next and third on the list of sound treatment products to be installed into a vehicle. Sound absorption is pretty simple for the most part. Acoustic absorption converts airborne noise into another form of energy, therefore reducing the overall noise level in the vehicle. An open-cell or fibrous materials are two typical types of acoustical absorption products. The thickness, density, size of the fibers or open cells, and more contribute to what frequencies are absorbed and how much they are absorbed. Higher frequencies are easier to absorb than low frequencies. However, some products can effectively absorb relatively low frequencies in a vehicle, such as our ResoNix Fiber Mat 25 & 45, and our ResoNix Guardian and ResoNix Lockout. Both have two different areas and reasons for application, so we will break them down individually.

       As mentioned earlier, ResoNix Fiber Mat 25 & 45 are both sound absorbers and a decoupling product. Our ResoNix Fiber Mat products are made out of microscopic synthetic melt-blown fibers that are formed into a mat, have a peel-and-stick adhesive on the back, are 100% okay with being installed in the harshest automotive environments and will not grow mold or mildew, and are naturally hydrophobic. They handle water, heat, cold, and anything else just fine, so ResoNix Fiber Mat can be installed practically anywhere without worry. They are typically used on door panels, quarter panels, rear decks, roofs, wheel wells, fender liners, pillars, sometimes even floors, trunk floors, and anywhere else you can think of.

       Next up, ResoNix Guardian and Resonix Lockout. These newer products from ResoNix Sound Solutions are a familiar concept to some that has been further improved. Guardian is a composite-style material that consists of ¼” Hydrophobic Melamine foam, 1/8″ thick 1lb Mass Loaded Vinyl (aka MLV), another layer of 1″ Hydrophobic Melamine, and an Acoustic Polyester Facing. It features a peel-and-stick adhesive for easy installation. This product is multi-faceted, and ResoNix Lockout is a stripped down version that just features the Hydrophobic Melamine that is topped with the Acoustic Polyester Facing, as well as the same peel-and-stick adhesive.

  • ResoNix Sound Solutions Fiber Mat 25

    ResoNix Fiber Mat 25 – 25mm Automotive Sound Absorber & Decoupler – Self-Adhering & Hydrophobic (13.5 Square Feet)

  • ResoNix Sound Solutions Fiber Mat 45

    ResoNix Fiber Mat 45 – 45mm Thick Automotive Sound Absorber & Decoupler – Self-Adhering & Hydrophobic (13.5 Square Feet)

  • ResoNix Lockout – Automotive & Marine Sound Absorbing Sheet

  • ResoNix Sound Solutions Guardian Hydrophobic Melamine MLV Composite sound absorber for cars rear wave absorber midbass diffuser Mass Loaded Vinyl

    ResoNix Guardian – Marine & Automotive Sound Absorbing Pad

  • Sale! Blackhole Tiles ResoNix Guardian Sound absorber for car doors Mass Loaded Vinyl

    Blackhole Tiles