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ResoNix Lockout – Automotive & Marine Sound Absorbing Sheet

ResoNix Lockout is an adhesive-backed Hydrophobic Melamine sound-absorbing and thermal-insulation sheet for car doors, roofs, walls, and floors, as well as Marine applications, such as engine compartments and rooms, and more. Commonly used in car doors for rear-wave absorption to further improve performance and accuracy of door-mounted midbass-speakers.

24″ x 24″ (2 Square Feet) Per Sheet, 1″ Thick

2 Sheets Per Box

Peel & Stick Application

Melamine foam produced in Germany. All other ingredients are sourced and assembled in America.


ResoNix Lockout is a Hydrophobic Melamine Sound Absorber with a Polyester Acoustic Facing and a Peel & Stick Adhesive.


       ResoNix Lockout, the baby brother of our ResoNix Guardian product, is comprised of a few components, including a Hydrophobic Acoustical Polyester Cloth Facing, a 1″ thick Hydrophobic Melamine foam layer, and a peel-and-stick acrylic-based adhesive backing.

       ResoNix Lockout serves two main purposes: absorbing sound and thermal insulation.

       People commonly use ResoNix Lockout in the same locations where one would use ResoNix Guardian, but is a more price-friendly option that still offers sound absorption and thermal insulation, but unlike Guardian, Lockout does not feature a noise barrier. It can be used inside of car doors for rear wave absorption and diffusion of door-mounted midbass drivers which helps to improve bass response in car audio systems. Additionally, it is useful on the underside of vehicle roofs to absorb wind noise and insulate from heat.

       Furthermore, ResoNix Lockout offers an easy and quick way to treat a camper van for external noise and heat. It is an effective solution to absorb sound and insulate from heat, making it a versatile product for various applications.

       What makes our products better than the rest? Click here for a detailed run down on why ResoNix is the best option.

NOTE: This does NOT offer any structural resonance control. Use of ResoNix CLD Squares or any of our other CLD products is still required. ResoNix CLD products would be applied first and then ResoNix Guardian or Lockout on top.

Where Should ResoNix Lockout Be Used?


The most common use and location of ResoNix Lockout would be inside of the door cavity on the outer door skin in sound systems with door-mounted midbass drivers. The use of Lockout here will help improve overall midbass response and lower distortion. The Hydrophobic Melamine layer will absorb sound energy produced by the rear wave of the door-mounted midbass driver, therefor lowering the amount of energy that can cause the outer and inner door skins to resonate, and will also help dissipate the energy faster, resulting in a more accurate impulse response. This translates into better, more accurate midbass from your door-mounted midbass drivers. That said, if you want the very best performance, look into using our ResoNix Guardian product, which takes performance in this domain to the top level.

Subwoofer Enclosures

Much like doors, the use of ResoNix Lockout will be beneficial to reduce both structural and airborne resonance. While not as important in a subwoofer enclosure since it should be sturdy and non-resonant from the start,  installing ResoNix CLD Squares, then ResoNix Guardian, and then ResoNix Fiber Mat 45 is our recommended go-to for those trying to build the ultimate subwoofer enclosure with no compromises. This will result in an enclosure that has further reduced structural resonance due to the lowered and quicker-absorbed sound energy.


Headliners will also be a common location for ResoNix Lockout since it is an excellent sound absorber and thermal insulator. The Hydrophobic Melamine in ResoNix Lockout will take care of sound absoption and do very well at reducing wind noise. ResoNix Lockout is great to use for those who are trying to reduce sound and thermally insulate while trying to keep a uniform look, such as in applications where the vehicle doesn’t have a headliner to hide it. For those that have a headliner to hide it, ResoNix Fiber Mat 45 will be a much simpler and more effective product to install here. Note: This product is not very compressible so you must have adequate space to install it above the headliner. If you want a product that also offers the additional performance of a noise barrier, be sure to check out ResoNix Guardian.

Van Build-Outs

ResoNix Lockout is a great product for your van build. It takes care of 2 major issues that you run into while treating a van; sound absorption and thermal insulation. The Hydrophobic Melamine is a great thermal insulator and acoustic absorber. Considering ResoNix Lockout is a very simple peel-and-stick product comprised of materials that offer the best performance for their specific intent, there is no better product to treat your van with after ResoNix CLD Squares application. If you are looking for the very best performance for your van build out, check out our ResoNix Guardian

Marine Applications

ResoNix Lockout also has a great purpose for marine applications. It is very common for boat owners and manufacturers to look for ways to quiet down the noise and reduce heat transfer from their engine compartments. ResoNix Lockout and Guardian solve both of these with a very simple peel-and-stick application to the inside of the engine compartment/cover. Since ResoNix Lockout is fully hydrophobic and has no problem handling extreme temperatures, there is no better option for this application than ResoNix Lockout. For a more budget-friendly approach, ResoNix Fiber Mat 45 is also a great solution but will be more fragile to work around due to its loose and fibrous nature.

Check out some more info about ResoNix Lockout's big brother, ResoNix Guardian

Each and every layer of ResoNix Lockout serves its own individual purpose, while also working together towards the common goals of better performance out of your sound system, lowered noise floor inside of the cabin, and less heat transfer to the inside of the vehicle. 

Hydrophobic Melamine Foam

       The 1-inch thick layer of Hydrophobic Melamine foam is arguably the most important. Not only is it an excellent acoustic absorber, but it is also an aerospace-grade thermal insulator. This product is quite literally used on the tips of rockets for thermal insulation. Anyways, for car audio applications, ResoNix Lockout will be used inside of door cavities, stuck to the outer door skin, (AFTER a CLD is applied, preferably ResoNix CLD Squares). In this scenario, the Hydrophobic Melamine is being used to absorb acoustic energy from the rear wave of the door-mounted midbass driver. This will reduce the amount of energy that reaches the outer door skin, which creates the most resonance in the door of a vehicle. This will also in turn reduce the amount of acoustic energy that can be reflected back and transferred into the inner door skin which will cause further resonance but also rattles.

But what about water? Isn’t open-cell foam problematic in an automotive environment?

       Now, melamine being an open-cell foam would normally be problematic for automotive installations. But for ResoNix Lockout, a proprietary process is used to treat our Melamine to make it fully hydrophobic, inside and out. This isn’t some cheap spray you can buy at Home Depot that will wear off in 4 months. We can guarantee that this product will never absorb water for the life of your vehicle. Due to this, it can be used without worry in door cavities, on the underside of hoods, and even on underbody pans and other places on the outside of the vehicle. No matter what you throw at it, ResoNix Lockout can handle it.

Non-Woven Polyester Acoustic Fabric Facing

       A mouthful, I know. But what this is, while the first time we have seen it used in aftermarket automotive sound treatment products, is pretty self-explanatory. This top layer of ResoNix Lockout is a polyester fabric that is oil and water-resistant and helps achieve two different goals. First, it provides protection and some strength for the Hydrophobic Melamine foam to help protect it from rips and tears, but it also helps tune the acoustic absorption properties of ResoNix Lockout by providing a specific acoustic resistance which helps us target even better low-frequency acoustic absorption which is perfect for when using it in midbass and subwoofer applications, as well as road/engine noise absorption. This fabric facing, just like the Hydrophobic Melamine, is also extremely heat resistant and can be used just about anywhere in or on a vehicle. 

Acrylic-Based Peel-And-Stick Adhesive

       As with the rest of our products, the adhesive we have chosen for ResoNix Lockout is the best for the application. It is able to work with and adhere to Hydrophobic Melamine while also being able to stick to pretty much any clean surface and can handle an extremely wide range of temperatures. This allows for an easy installation of ResoNix Lockout without having to worry about long term reliability.

What Does This Combination Of Materials Leave Us With?

       Since the materials that ResoNix Lockout is comprised of are fully hydrophobic, each panel can be cut into custom shapes and sizes to fit your individual application needs. The peel-and-stick adhesive makes for an extremely easy installation and finally allows for the installation of a noise barrier inside of door cavities and roofs without needing to figure out a complex mechanical mounting solution, or sacrificing full coverage which finally allows you to have an effective noise barrier, acoustic absorber, and thermal insulator installed anywhere in your vehicle, inside and out. This truly is our most versatile product to date. If you have any questions on where and how this will benefit your installation, feel free to give us a call or send us an email anytime.

Physical Specifications:

. 24″ x 24″, 1″ thick

. 2 Pieces (8 square feet) per box

. Acrylic Based Peel & Stick Automotive Grade Adhesive Backed

. USA Manufactured

. Acoustic Specifications Posted Below

ResoNix Guardian & Lockout Customer Installation Photos

Hydrophobic Melamine Data Sheet

Acoustical Non-Woven Fleece Facing Data Sheet

Peel & Stick Adhesive Backing Data Sheet

USA Manufactured

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