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ResoNix CCF Strips – Foam Speaker Ring Strips For Speaker-To-Panel Coupling – Pair

Our ResoNix CCF Strips are the best “speaker ring” product available on the market to seal your midbass and midrange speakers to their grilles to properly transfer all of your speakers produced sound energy into the listening space instead of behind trim panels.

Made In America.


Quantity Discount Type Discount Price Per Item
2-4 Percentage 15 $34.00
5-11 Percentage 20 $32.00
12-50 Percentage 25 $30.00

ResoNix CCF Strips used to make a Foam Speaker Ring for acoustic coupling. 


Sold in Pairs, our ResoNix CCF Strips are designed to make a custom foam speaker ring for your car’s audio system. Use our strips to create acoustic coupling rings for your car speakers, you can direct all acoustic energy through the grille into the listening space. Without an acoustic coupling ring, you risk losing acoustic energy to the open spaces behind your door and dash panels. This results in less output and more resonance and distortion created by the panels themselves.

Each strip is 1 inch thick and 30 inches long, with a width that varies from 0.75″ at the widest to 0.5″ at the narrow points. Thanks to their unique shape, it’s easy to contour our CCF Strips around any speaker, from 1″ tweeters, up to 9.5″ midbass drivers.


What makes ours different from other foam speaker ring and strip products?

What sets our ResoNix CCF Strips apart from other foam speaker ring products is the use of high-quality foam. Specifically, our foam is the same foam used in CCF7, which is ideal for automotive decoupling and sealing uses. It’s solid enough to guide acoustic energy out of the grille and prevent it from entering unwanted spaces. It does this while still being compliant enough to compress and make a seal to oddly shaped panels. Additionally, our automotive-grade peel-and-stick acrylic-based adhesive ensures a secure and long-lasting installation.

To get more technical, our foam was picked due to its ideal Compression Deflection and Compression Set parameters. The adhesive we use can easily handle the automotive environment without fail. The foam and adhesive are not picked because it was readily available from some supplier on Alibaba. 😊

Finally, the shape of our strips allows for the easiest installation over all other products on all different types of speakers and baffles. With ResoNix, you’re using a quality product made from the best materials made for the job, without any gimmicks such as a minuscule piece of foam advertised as a back-wave absorber.

SOLD IN PAIRS. 1 quantity includes two strips.

What makes our products better than the rest? Click here for a detailed run down on why ResoNix is the best option.


. 1″ Thick

. 30″ Long (supports a diameter of 9.55″)

. 0.75″ to 0.5″ Wide

. Acrylic Based Peel & Stick Automotive Grade Adhesive Backed

. Made In The USA


Foam Specifications

ResoNix CCF7 Technical Specifications

Adhesive Specifications

ResoNix CCF7 and CCF Strips Adhesive Specifications

USA Manufactured

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