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Micro Precision 7-Series Mono Amplifier

Micro Precision 7-Series Mono Amplifier: Advanced Dual Board Design, 20K Ohm input, 150 watts @ 4 ohm and 280 watts @2 ohm, Sanken transistors, 150kHz bandwidth. Precision, power, and innovation in a compact, customizable design.

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Micro Precision 7-Series Mono Amplifier

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       The Micro Precision 7-Series Mono Amplifier, a marvel in audio technology, blends technical sophistication with a sleek, user-centric design. Designed for the audiophile seeking unparalleled sound quality, this amplifier incorporates advanced engineering principles to deliver exceptional audio performance.


Micro Precision 7-Series Mono Amplifier Technical Features:

Dual Board Design: Innovatively separates the power supply from the analog amplifier board, minimizing radiation interference on the signal path and maintaining detail with a symmetrical signal path.

Flexible Power Supply: Accepts input voltages from 9V to 16V DC, utilizing an unregulated power supply type to avoid modulation by regulation.

Efficient Voltage Conversion: Features a 12V step-up converter for rail voltages from +/-30V to +/-40V, ensuring consistent voltage across all stages.

High-Quality Components: Equipped with high-grade, durable 105°C capacitors in supply circuits and “Mundorf MLytic®” Low ESR Power Capacitors at 125°C for main power storage.

Precise Input Impedance: Boasts a 20,000 Ohm impedance input with low capacitance, including a DIP switch selector for input level adjustment and “Nichicon Muse NP®” capacitors in the signal path.

Advanced Amplifier Design: Utilizes a total discrete, double differential amplifier in a double cascode configuration with a current source mirror, offering high input-output isolation and bandwidth up to 150,000 Hz at -3dB.

Powerful Transistors: The power stage features a triple Darlington configuration with Sanken final transistors and dedicated Sanken driver transistors.

Stable Capacitors and Trimmers: Incorporates “SilverMica®” capacitors for feedback and compensations, along with a long-term stable multi-turn trimmer for bias setup.

Comprehensive Protections: Includes safeguards against reverse input voltage, output short circuit, DC voltage on speaker output, and thermal shut-off at 85°C.

Optimal Connectivity: Equipped with 4mm laboratory-grade banana terminals for a perfect speaker connection.

Efficient PCB Design: Features wide copper tracks at 100-micron thickness, gold-plated to reduce internal resistance.


Clean Industrial Design

       The amplifier’s design prioritizes precise level matching in the audio system or signal chain, especially important with modern digital sources (DSPs) that deliver precise output levels. To ensure accuracy and stability over time, the amplifier eschews traditional potentiometers in favor of a “4 digit multiswitch” for 16 different configurations on input sensitivity, ensuring high precision and long-term stability.


Aspect of Individual Design

       Emphasizing its “Industrial Design,” the amplifier offers customization options, such as a top plate available in various colors and design patterns, including a wood design pattern.


S7 Mono in Packaging

       Each amplifier is packaged with industrial elegance, made in Germany, and comes with a full measurement paperwork (4 pages) from the Micro-Precision laboratory, ensuring quality and performance.

       The Micro Precision 7-Series Amplifier is more than just an amplifier; it’s a statement in audio excellence and design innovation, making it a perfect match for audiophiles who demand the best in sound and style.

Micro Precision 7-Series Mono Amplifier Technical Specifications

Micro Precision 7-Series Amplifiers Color Options

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