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Illusion Audio Carbon C12 12″ Shallow Subwoofer


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Illusion Audio Carbon C12 12″ Shallow Subwoofer

Carbon is Illusion’s premiere line utilizing the best technologies. They deliver audiophile sound quality combined with high volume and extreme durability. The Carbon’s sound quality is detailed, revealing, extremely dynamic, and punchy. Bass is articulate and extended with good weight, revealing the rhythm and pace of the music. The low distortion, extreme clarity, and enormous sound stage size bring the concert alive. Illusion Audio Carbon subwoofers are truly “compact without compromise”.

Carbon Cone Material:

The carbon cone is made with carbon fibers molded together with a high-damping epoxy resin. Shaped with a curved profile to offer a smooth high frequency response that will blend effortlessly with the rest of the sound stage. It also has a long-life rubber surround for smooth frequency response with long linear stroke for low distortion. The spider has woven in tinsel leads for longer life.

Front Mounted Magnetic Motor:

The magnetic motor of the woofer uses a high quality neodymium magnet and a special patented XBL^2 dual-gap design and aluminum faraday ring. The motor on the slim subwoofers are mounted to the front side of the cone. This arrangement offers two distinct advantages.

Installation Options:

The first advantage is because the magnet is mounted on the front, the driver itself is significantly shallower which greatly increases installation options.

Better Cooling:

The second advantage is that since the front mounted magnet is outside of the enclosure it doesn’t take up any precious volume inside of the enclosure, and the heat from the voice coil is outside of the enclosure and thus the speaker can handle more power. The motor also has heat sink fins to further reduce the voice coil temperature.

XBL^2 Motor:

The motor of the woofer uses a high-quality neodymium magnet and a special patented XBL^2 dual-gap technology and an aluminum faraday ring. This technology gives extremely low distortion with very long linear travel while maintaining 1% distortion or less. They can play up to 6dB louder than conventional designed premium woofers. The motor also has extensive airflow venting to eliminate noise, distortion, compression, and for increased durability.

The Illusion Audio Carbon C10 is optimized for a 0.75 cubic foot enclosure.

The Illusion Audio Carbon C12 is optimized for a 1 cubic foot enclosure.

USA Manufactured

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