Micro Precision Z-Studio 170 6.5″ Midbass


The Micro Precision Z-Studio 170 is a high-end midbass speaker with a legendary foam and foil composite cone suitable for automotive aftermarket applications.

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Micro Precision Z-Studio 170 6.5″ Midbass

Uncompromising Quality.

       The Micro Precision Z-Studio 170 6.5-inch midbass driver, launched in May 2008, represents an advanced step in audio technology, following the release of the “Z-Studio Tweeter.” This midbass driver excels in delivering a balanced bass-midrange performance with exceptionally low distortion across the 50-5,000 Hz frequency range. It introduces a new level of detail and dynamic range without compression.

       A key feature of the Z-Studio 170 is its innovative removable magnet system. This design allows for easy updates or upgrades to the magnet system without risking damage to the delicate membrane. The membrane itself is specially crafted for the clearest midrange and bass reproduction, weighing a mere 2.2 grams. Its surround geometry is meticulously designed using CAD software and produced to ensure optimal linear movement and perfect centering. The basket is precision-assembled, with 100% CNC production ensuring zero tolerance and no ringing. Additionally, the driver includes brass damping elements and maximized venting for the coil and spider, enhancing the overall sound quality.


Micro Precision Z-Studio 100F Mkii Physical Specifications Micro Precision Z-Studio 100F Mkii TS Parameters
Total Height: 39.5mm
RE: 8.77 ohms
Outer Diameter: 109.5mm
FS: 122Hz
Cutout Diameter: 90.0mm
QES: 1.08
Mounting Hole Pattern Diameter: 102.8mm
QMS: 6.42
Total Unit Weight: 305 grams each / 610 grams pair
QTS: 0.93
Surround: Rubber / Low Loss
LE: 0.24 mH
Sensitivity: 87.5db
VAS: 3.6 Liters
Impedance: 8-ohms
MMS: 2.67 grams
Power Handling: 70 RMS, 150 Dynamic
CMS: 860 μM/Newton
Voice Coil: GF/CCAW
Efficiency: 87.5db 1W/1m
Voicecoil Diameter: 25mm
SD: 54.11 cm2
Membrane: Z
RMS: 0.27 R
Recommended Minimum Filter with Recommended Power (70 RMS): 200Hz/12db

Micro Precision Z-Studio 170 Frequency Response

Z-Studio 170 Updates:

The Z-Studio 170 has seen several updates to enhance its performance further:

  • September 2011: Introduction of a new surround geometry, reducing mechanical resistance.
  • November 2013: Inclusion of a new spider and voice coil, lowering mechanical resistance due to these new components and geometry. The QTC was adjusted to 0.7, with updated parameters available on page 3.
  • December 2015: A revamped magnet system with internal triple shielding, improved venting, and a new visual design for the backside.
  • November 2019: Introduction of a new basket construction, enhancing the overall structural integrity and performance.
    This product embodies Micro Precision’s commitment to innovation and quality in audio technology, making the Z-Studio 170 an ideal choice for audiophiles seeking top-tier midbass performance.