Micro Precision Z-Studio 100 F MK II 3.5″ Midrange


The Micro Precision Z-Studio 100F mkii is a high-end midrange speaker with a foam and foil composite cone suitable for automotive aftermarket applications.

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Micro Precision Z-Studio 100 F MK II 3.5″ Midrange

Uncompromising Quality.

       The Micro Precision Z-Studio range, following four years of extensive research and development, proudly presents a lineup of five unique products designed to cater to a wide range of listening preferences. Each product in this range adheres to a fundamental philosophy: the necessity of a stiff and lightweight membrane for accurate sound reproduction.

Key Features of the Speaker:

Membrane Design

       Specially crafted for a transparent midrange, the membrane’s design optimizes linearity. This is achieved through a CAD-constructed surround geometry, ensuring the best possible sound quality.

Efficient Use of Space

       Despite its small diameter, the membrane of the Micro Precision Z-Studio 100F Mkii maximizes surface area to enhance sound delivery.

Lightweight Construction

       The total weight of the membrane plus the coil is just 2.7 grams, a design choice that contributes to the speaker’s responsiveness and clarity.

Precision Engineering

       The Micro Precision Z-Studio 100F Mkii basket is assembled with great care and precision. Its production involves 100% CNC machining, ensuring no tolerances and eliminating any potential for ringing.

Damping and Venting

       Brass damping elements are incorporated into the Micro Precision Z-Studio speakers to improve sound quality. The design also features maximized venting which benefits both the coil and the spider, enhancing overall audio performance.

Interior Depth

       The Z-Studio F Mkii has an interior depth of 35 mm, balancing compactness with acoustic capability.

Sound Range and Filtering

       To achieve optimal performance, this speaker requires a high-pass filter set above 150 Hz. When used with appropriate EQ settings, it can deliver a full range of sound from 150 Hz to 18 kHz.

Advanced Membrane Technology

       The midrange speakers benefit significantly from the stiffness provided by the innovative “resin foam between 6µm Aluminium foils” technology, patented in 1935 in Germany. Still in production today, this second-generation technology involves creating a high-tech membrane that is handmade, with an average production of one piece per day.

Natural Material Basis

       The membrane contains over 80% air within the resin foam. This composition results in the lowest possible weight combined with maximum stiffness and optimal acoustical behavior, thanks to the use of natural materials.

Integration of Technologies

       Imagining and then realizing the integration of these perfect membranes into a perfectly engineered chassis showcases Micro Precision’s dedication to excellence. This achievement is further exemplified by the use of the finest CNC technology in production.

       The Micro Precision Z-Studio range, through its innovative design and engineering, offers a superior audio experience, demonstrating a commitment to quality and performance that satisfies even the most discerning audiophiles.

Features &

Micro Precision Z-Studio 100F Mkii Physical Specifications Micro Precision Z-Studio 100F Mkii TS Parameters
Total Height: 39.5mm
RE: 8.77 ohms
Outer Diameter: 109.5mm
FS: 122Hz
Cutout Diameter: 90.0mm
QES: 1.08
Mounting Hole Pattern Diameter: 102.8mm
QMS: 6.42
Total Unit Weight: 305 grams each / 610 grams pair
QTS: 0.93
Surround: Rubber / Low Loss
LE: 0.24 mH
Sensitivity: 87.5db
VAS: 3.6 Liters
Impedance: 8-ohms
MMS: 2.67 grams
Power Handling: 70 RMS, 150 Dynamic
CMS: 860 μM/Newton
Voice Coil: GF/CCAW
Efficiency: 87.5db 1W/1m
Voicecoil Diameter: 25mm
SD: 54.11 cm2
Membrane: Z
RMS: 0.27 R
Recommended Minimum Filter with Recommended Power (70 RMS): 200Hz/12db

Micro Precision Z-Studio 100F Mkii Frequency Response Data