Helix DSP.3S – 8-Channel DSP

The Helix DSP.3S is one of our favorite solutions to modern sound system installations here at ResoNix. 8 channels of the most powerful DSP processing available on the market today. Comes with the option for 50% off of a ResoNix Remote DSP Tune.

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ResoNix CCF Decoupler 3S Tape

Decoupling Tape

ResoNix CCF Decoupler 3S Tape is a soft 3.2mm (+/- 0.25mm) thick closed-cell foam, often referred to as CCF, or sound deadening foam. It is used to decouple very tight tolerance panels from one another and act as a decoupler for a noise barrier, such as Mass Loaded Vinyl or lead sheet. CCF3S features an automotive-grade adhesive that makes it easy to install and ensures a lifetime-lasting hold.

       The primary purpose of CCF3S Tape is to prevent audible rattles caused by two panels vibrating against each other. It also reduces the amount of energy transferred from the body of the vehicle to your noise barrier, making the noise barrier more effective. This works by providing a soft, compliant substrate for the panels to transfer their energy into, rather than vibrating against a hard surface. Essentially, the closed-cell foam provides a cushion of support between vibrating panels. What separates CCF3S from CCF3F is its firmness. The S in CCF3S stands for Soft, while the F in CCF3F stands for Firm. CCF3S is to be used where tolerances are extremely tight, yet you need decoupling. CCF3F is for where you have a tighter tolerance but you need something sturdy.

       CCF should be used to eliminate panel-on-panel vibration noise in areas such as doors/door panels, rear decks, and various interior panels, as they are the main offenders of this type of noise. When doing aftermarket speaker installs, constrained layer damping alone may not be sufficient to achieve the desired results, as it does not decouple panels. This is where our CCF, Fiber Mat, Guardian, and other products come into play.

Key Notes
& Product Specifications

Our products have been proven to outperform the competition in independently conducted lab analysis.

. 3.2mm Thick 

. 0.75 inches wide

. 40 feet long

. Acrylic Based Peel & Stick Adhesive Backed

. Technical Specifications Listed Below 

We have designed our closed-cell foam to have the ideal properties to provide the best decoupling layer in the industry. We have found the perfect balance of providing a thick enough, yet soft enough material to properly decouple panels, while also being easy to work with due to its natural compliance. To get more technical, our foam was picked due to its ideal Compression Deflection and Compression Set parameters. The adhesive we use can easily handle the automotive environment without fail.

       Note: Since the release of our Fiber Mat 25 and Fiber Mat 45, we only recommend using CCF7 for decoupling small areas where the Fiber Mat products cannot fit. For areas where you can fit Fiber Mat, it will be better than CCF7.

What makes our products better than the rest? Click here for a detailed run down on why ResoNix is the best option.

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