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CCF Decoupler 7 – 7mm CCF with Adhesive Backing



ResoNix CCF Decoupler 7 is a 6.5mm (+/- 0.5mm) thick closed-cell foam (commonly referred to as CCF) and is used to decouple one panel from another, as well as act as a decoupler for a noise barrier such as Mass Loaded Vinyl or lead sheet. CCF7 features an automotive-grade adhesive to allow for an easy and lifetime-lasting install. The purpose of CCF7 is to prevent audible rattles that are caused by two panels vibrating against each other and lowers the amount of energy transferred from the body of the vehicle to your noise barrier enabling the noise barrier to be more effective. It works by providing a soft, compliant substrate for the panels to transfer their energy into instead of vibrating against another hard surface. The closed-cell foam essentially provides a cushion of support between vibrating panels.

Closed-cell foam should be used to eliminate panel on panel vibration noise in areas like doors/door panels, rear decks, and other various interior panels are the main offenders of a panel on panel vibration. When doing aftermarket speaker installs, constrained layer damping alone might not be enough to get the results you are looking for since it does not decouple panels.

We have designed our closed-cell foam to have ideal properties to provide the best decoupling layer in the industry. We have found the perfect balance of providing a thick, yet soft enough material to decouple panels properly and is easy to work with due to its natural compliance.





6.5mm Thick

54″ wide

Sold by the yard

USA Manufactured