Accuton Automotive C165AM Ceramic Midbass Speaker


The Accuton Automotive C165-04-770 is a high-end 6.5″ midbass speaker with a ceramic cone suitable for automotive aftermarket applications.

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Accuton Automotive C165AM

Performance We Trust

The Accuton Automotive C165AM-04-770 stands as a premium 7-inch bass-midrange driver, meticulously designed for automotive aftermarket applications. Featuring a ceramic dome, this speaker is engineered to deliver exceptional sound quality across a frequency range of 45 Hz to 2800 Hz in a sealed enclosure.

       Equipped with a high flux neo overhung motor and an extended Xmax design, the C165AM-04-770 excels in dynamic and precise bass reproduction. Its design, free from compression, ensures ultra-high dynamics and resolution, resulting in a detailed and immersive audio experience.

       This midbass speaker offers various mounting options, providing flexibility and ease of integration into different automotive settings. The durability is enhanced by chromium-plated magnet parts, ensuring long-term performance under various environmental conditions.

       Fully compliant with automotive standards for humidity, temperature, and vibration resistance, the C165AM-04-770 is a robust and reliable choice for any vehicle. The large linear range of its motor system, optimized for DSP system support, minimizes distortion and maintains consistent audio quality.

       The Accuton Automotive C165AM-04-770 Ceramic Cone Midbass Speaker, with its minimized overall outer diameter for maximized active membrane surface, is synonymous with audiophile-grade performance in automotive environments. It is an outstanding choice for car audio enthusiasts who prioritize superior sound quality and durability.

Physical Specifications
& Parameters

Please be sure to carefully read all of the below information prior to contacting us regarding this service.

Accuton Automotive C165AM-04-770 Physical Specifications Accuton Automotive C165AM-04-770 TS Parameters
Overall Outer Diameter: 165.0mm
Sensitivity: 91dB 2.83v/1m
Cutout Diameter: 142.0mm
RE: 4 ohms
Min. Front Plate Thickness: 6.5mm
FS: 40Hz
Overall Depth: 88.5mm
VAS: 21.0 Liters
Motor Assembly Depth: 29.0mm
QMS: 5
Motor Assembly Diameter: 100.0mm
QES: 0.30
Screw Fitting: 3 * DIN7984, 4MM @ Ø156MM
QTS: 0.29
Terminal: 2 * M4 THREAD
SD: 133 CM2
Shipping Weight: --
MMS: 19.0 grams
Shipping Box Size: --
CMS: 0.80 mm/N
Membrane: Ceramic - White & Graphite Colors Available
RMS: 0.98 KG*S
Power Handling: 120 watts @ 80Hz/12dB or higher
LE: 0.5 mH
Xmax: 6.0mm
BL: 8.0 N/A
Voice Coil Diameter: 55.0mm
Motor Type: Overhung
Ferrofluid Cooling: No