2017+ Ford Superduty & 2015+ F150: "Deadening Rescue" - Doors

2017-2022 Ford Superduty & 2015-2020 Ford F150 Door Sound Deadening

This guide is for a Fourth Gen. 2017-2022 Ford F350 King Ranch (this applies for all 2015-2020 F150's, and all 2017-2022 Superduty trucks) with a Stage 1 treatment for the doors, but may also apply to other Ford trucks. What is different about this guide, is that this truck had work done by another shop previous to coming to us. That shop, unfortunately, did a not so great job in the deadening department. Maybe someone should tell them about our How-To section. The unfortunate truth to the situation is that we had to work around what they already did, so please excuse the mess. We only treated the outer door skin and inner door skin. For the task at hand, we did not feel the door panel needed enough treatment worth documenting.

Products Used (if done from scratch):

For the 2017 Ford F350, this is what WE found once the door panels were removed. As you can see, the previous shop did what seems to be an ok job on deadening the inner skin. Those large pieces towards the left side and bottom actually cover the OEM moisture barrier to help prevent front/rear wave cancellation from the midbass driver.
What they didn’t do was one of the most important parts of sound treating doors… applying CLD to the outer door skin. The outer door skin is the most resonant part of the cabin of a vehicle aside from the roof and treating it properly will greatly impact the midbass performance (no pun intended) of your aftermarket sound system, and the overall noise level inside of the vehicle. Here, you can see that the OEM damping material was the only thing applied to the outer door skin.
Sorry for the blurry picture, but this is after treating the outer door skin with CLD Squares. Unfortunately, the crash beams for this vehicle come with a lot of adhesive between them and the outer door skin from the factory and there’s not much room to place any Butyl Rope. We used some inside of the door, but most for this vehicle was used for spot treating areas on the door panel.
After the moisture barrier that the previous shop applied deadener to was reinstalled, we added a bit extra of our CLD Rectangles to provide more structure.
After CLD treatments were finished, we added a layer of leftover CCF as we are still awaiting our first batch of FD1 and FD2. For this vehicle, I would suggest the FD2.

Installation Products



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