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Audi/VW OEM Harness Tape – No-Residue Exterior Wire Harness Tape – Woven (25 meters x 19mm)

Here at ResoNix we believe in only using the best products and materials available. That is why we sourced out the very same tape used by the Volkswagen Auto Group factories. This woven ” tape is meant for automotive exterior use and is perfect for dressing wire harnesses that are in your engine bay, running underneath the vehicle, hidden behind bumper covers, etc. No melty goop will be caused by this tape, unlike other popular offerings.

Made in Germany.


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3-9 Percentage 20 $12.00
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25-100 Percentage 35 $9.75

OEM VW/Audi/Porsche/Lamborghini Woven Wire Harness Tape For Exterior Use


Various harness tapes are becoming very popular in today’s world of car audio and electronics installations. Here at ResoNix, we have used all of the popular harness tapes and have never been fully satisfied. That is, until we found the source for the exact tape that is used by VW Auto Group in Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, and Bugatti vehicles. It is used to dress and protect wire harness bundles that reside on the vehicle’s interior, and for this particular model, the exterior as well. The problem with many of the more popular options (Tesa) is that the adhesives are known to melt and leave sticky residue that bleeds through the tape and creates a sticky mess, both from the authentic source, and the counterfeit ones on Amazon/eBay. The tape that we sell here is the very same tape that is used by Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and more of the VW Auto Group brands. If you have ever worked on one of these cars, you will know that the tape in these vehicles truly is the best you can use for this application. No nasty mess after a few months’ time, looks clean and professional, and helps prevent wires from causing rattles and vibration against your interior panels. This particular wire is also extremely abrasion resistant, and has very high heat tolerances. 


Where should this tape be used?

This tape should be used to dress, protect, and provide abrasion resistance for any wires used in your vehicle. This is very common to use on wire bundles that run down the length of the vehicle, reside on the exterior and in the engine compartment of the vehicle, on wire runs throughout the car to make them blend in and look OEM, and on wire bundles that you want to wrap to keep protected from abrasion.

This tape is excellent for use with light bar, custom radar/laser countermeasure, backup camera, and other exterior electronics installation.

Remember, every car and every application is different. This is only a list of suggestions based on our experience. What may work best for your situation may be different. It is up to you to figure out what exactly needs to be done and how this product should be used.



Each roll is 19mm wide and 25m long

PET Woven-Cloth Material

Solvent-free acrylic-based, pressure sensitive, high-temperature resistant adhesive

For bundling aftermarket and OEM wire harnesses

Suitable for engine compartment and engine block applications

For the presentation of an abrasion-resistant and attractive appearance

Scissors required to cut

Resistant to melting, ageing, and dry-rotting

Compatible with many cable insulation materials

Excellent heat and cold resistance

Abrasion resistance: Class D

Sound Damping: Class A

Installation Examples

ResoNix OEM Exterior Tape Data Sheets

ResoNix Sound Solutions Woven Harness Tape Spec Sheet 1
ResoNix Sound Solutions Woven Harness Tape Spec Sheet 2

USA Manufactured

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