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ResoNix Door Kit – CLD, CCF, & Butyl Rope



We have decided to add an option to our store to make things easy for you. We get a lot of emails and phone calls with questions along the lines of “what do you suggest and how much do I need for my front doors to really help improve my sound system”.. Well, this is the most popular package that we install at the shop, our stage 2 kit. This features:

. (20) ResoNix Squares

. (1) yard of ResoNix CCF Decoupler 7

. (2) rolls of ResoNix Butyl Rope


A $205 value, for $175


This kit will allow you to treat your outer door skin with CLD Squares and ResoNix Rope in between the skin and crash bars as well as seal holes on the inner skin, decouple your door panel from your inner skin with ResoNix CCF Decoupler 7, and treat your door panels with CLD Squares, ResoNix Rope, and CCF Decoupler 7.


*Second Roll of ResoNix Butyl Rope included FREE!*

*This kit is enough to treat 2 doors well enough for a high-performance audio system with door-mounted midbass drivers*




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CLD Squares – 5 Pieces

CCF Decoupler 65 – 6.5mm CCF with Adhesive Backing

ResoNix Rope


USA Manufactured