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Blackhole Tile – Half Box (36 Pieces)



Blackhole Tiles are a one of a kind product for automotive and marine use. These waterproof 4″ x 3″ x 1.5″ Tiles are a multi-layered product that uses these different layers to treat one common issue – noise transfer. These layers include a 1″ thick acoustic foam layer, a floating 1/8″ thick 1lb per sq/ft mass loaded vinyl layer, a vibration isolating closed-cell foam layer, and high-loss visco-elastic damping layer with a pressure-sensitive adhesive.


The 1″ thick high-density polyurethane acoustic foam layer is used to absorb noise.

The floating mass loaded vinyl layer is used to help block noise and behaves as a wide-band treatment for noise

The closed-cell foam layer acts as a decoupler for the floating mass loaded vinyl layer to prevent the transfer of energy from the substrate to the mass loaded vinyl

The visco-elastic layer provides damping properties for the substrate it is applied to



Recommended uses for this product include the following

  • Applied to the inside of the door on the outer skin to help absorb the energy generated by the midbass speakers. This helps lower resonance as a whole in the door, while also providing absorption and noise blocking from outside noise.
  • Applied to car roofs to help absorb and block outside wind noise.
  • Applied inside of subwoofer enclosures to help dampen the enclosure and act as a final layer of fill.


While full coverage is only needed to make a second use of the mass loaded vinyl layer as an outside barrier, we recommend at least 50% coverage for best results to lower resonance and reduce distortion in door-installed midbass applications.


72 Tiles Are enough to do FULL COVERAGE on a pair of doors in most cars. Full coverage will make better use of the Mass Loaded Vinyl layer for blocking outside noise. That said, half coverage is enough to get good absorption while still making some use of the MLV layer for resonance purposes. It is recommended to apply these after applying our ResoNix Squares. 




1) High-efficiency acoustical absorption layer from high-density polyurethane foam.

2) “Floating Wall” sound barrier made of limp flexible vinyl copolymer loaded with non-lead inorganic fillers.

3) Vibration isolation layer made with polyurethane flexible closed-cell foam.

4) Hi-loss flexible viscoelastic double thickness damping layer, backed with a super-strong pressure adhesive.

5) Sealed to ensure water resistance.


4” x 3” x 1.5”

USA Manufactured